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Farewell Carl Tremblay: Fans were turned upside down by the group's new album

Farewell Carl Tremblay: Fans were turned upside down by the group's new album

Fans of the Cowboys Fringants and their late singer were shocked by the will album the group released Thursday as a thank you and farewell.

“It's a life lesson, and I think it's also the end of life, the end of hope, Carl's farewell in most of the songs. It also marks the end of the Cowboys Fringants group unfortunately,” said Patrice Belhache Rainier, a fan of the group.

This album, which was released on all digital platforms at midnight on Thursday, includes 13 songs.

He added: “It's wonderful. There are a few people who have the opportunity and courage to be able to sign the end publicly in front of the eyes of the public. We often do not have this opportunity.” [Karl] “He was able to see it coming, plan for it, predict it, and take such an elegant, powerful, important and inspiring journey,” added Louis Bellavance, Program Director of the Festival du Québec (FEQ).

Immediately upon its release, the album sparked a lot of reactions and tears and caused a lot of ink to flow among fans.

“I cried a lot today, I think I listened to the album four or five times during the day, and there are songs that I still find difficult to understand and listen to. “Emotion still takes over the simple pleasure of listening at this moment,” said Sebastian Kirill, another fan of the group, poignantly.

If fans of the Cowboys Fringants and Karl Tremblay have to wait until May 10 to hold the album in their hands, there is no doubt for some that it will make history.

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“It is full of emotion, especially when we know Carl, and when we know the whole family behind it, it will be a wonderful album that will go down in history,” confirmed Christian Noël, Director of Programming at Théâtre Grand Quebec.

Some songs are written to thank the audience, present from the beginning, and which seems to be unanimously appreciated.

“Saying the last goodbye to Karl. “There is the song ‘Thank you Ben!’, which is a wonderful farewell that the group gives to its fans. It is really a beautiful gift that they give us, and after that I think all the fans should be satisfied with this album.” Gabriel Béland, another fan.