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Hubert Lenoir announces his comeback

Hubert Lenoir announces his comeback

Three years after making a big splash with his debut album, DarleneHubert Lenoir announced his return for the fall.

In a video uploaded on Tuesday morning, he is seen dancing ferociously in a house to the beat of success The club can’t deal with me, by Flo Rida and David Guetta, the artist from Quebec announces the title, live musicfor fall 2021.

No other details were revealed, but everything indicates that it may be the release of his new album.

In an unrecent email to the media titled “Uber [sic] Lenoir has been confirmed,” and states that the rest will be known on Thursday.

To celebrate his comeback, the 26-year-old musician made sure to remind us of his heyday. In the video, sequences were inserted showing him performing in front of a delirious audience and then the scene where Felix sinks his throat without the crazy choreography.

It all ends with an excerpt from Radio X where host Dominic Morris calls him an idiot on air.

Active away from the limelight

Even if he has been out of the spotlight for about two years, Hubert Lenoir remains active. In recent months, he has contributed to the music projects of Crab and Robert Robert (as director), as well as co-creating Now and everywhere, song latest version of star Academy.

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We also saw him in Pierre Lapointe, who signed his song to thwart boredomWith his brother Julian Chiason.

Lenoir was also seen on the big screen this spring, after making his Canadian film debut. like a burning house.

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