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Samoa Joe returns to WWE!

Samoa Joe returns to WWE!

Two months after leaving WWE and returning from it, Rumors have been going well about Samoa Joe returning with Stamford…but next to NXT. We learned in recent days that the former NXT Champion has accepted a role on the yellow show, other than the wrestler. After William Regal signaled his departure at the helm of NXT, by announcing a change: It looks like Samoa Joe’s fate has been fully decided!

And that is the case, well almost! In fact, William Regal opened the show on Tuesday. With tears in his eyes, the NXT general manager looked back over the past seven years and was on the verge of announcing his departure from the show:I don’t think I can give you what you deserve anymore‘, he said, addressing the crowd. Except that Carrion Cross – still a champ after TakeOver: In Your House, join Regal in the ring…Then Samoa Joe’s music sounded at Capitol Wrestling Center ! The former NXT Champion is back in WWE.

In his hand a microphone, Samoa Joe wanted to hear what William Regal had said to him. That’s when Regal offered him to be the new general manager, except that Joe turned down the offer, but he would try to convince Regal to be respected by everyone. William Regal replied that he liked the idea… under certain circumstances: Samoa Joe can’t be a wrestler and won’t be able to get a hand on someone…unless he’s provoked. Samoa Joe agreed and then faced Carrion Cross.

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In other words, Samoa Joe will now be the co-manager of William Regal at NXT ! And he was quick to put the Coquina handbag on Adam Cole to allay some issues:

welcome back !

Image credit: WWE