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“Look, it's personal.”

“Look, it's personal.”

The situation surrounding William Nylander is strange.


Because he was able to play all 82 of his team's games this season… but we haven't seen him yet in the three games of the Leafs vs Bruins series, and he's absent.

Obviously we agree that he's a big part of the Toronto team and that's why everyone is trying to figure out what's bothering him.

The media tried to get some answers from him after the team’s training today, but to no avail.

The Swede instead wanted to move on to the next question:

Look, this is personal, so I won't go into detail. Do you want to talk about anything else? -William Nylander

I'm not sure his answer will please the fans in Toronto… especially since he was all smiles while speaking to reporters:

The rumor now is that Nylander is suffering from a major migraine.

in article Elliotte Friedman, who posted yesterday, said that team doctors were unable to accurately diagnose Nylander's condition after he underwent tests to find out if he was suffering from a concussion.

Once again, everything is strange…

The Leafs (yet) aren't against the wall, but they could quickly get into trouble if they lose their home game tomorrow.

In the end, remember that the Bruins lead 2-1 in the series.

Looking forward to Nylander's return, then. At least, that's what we have to tell ourselves in the Queen City…

Because without him, the Leafs offense just doesn't seem to be as effective.

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– Great news!

-The challenge does not seem easy.

– That's why we love sports!

-His MLB debut wasn't very eloquent.