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Literature: Literature in the 20th Century: Big Brother Heinrich Mann

If you want to understand the history of the Germans and want to know how things could have gone better, read the books of Thomas Mann’s long-standing role model.

“Stupid Germans are always playing against each other and arguing who is ‘real’.” Looking back, Thomas Mann wrote about the relationship between him and his four-year-old older brother Heinrich Mann. However, he himself was strongly and embarrassingly involved in some of the prerequisites for playing “stupid Germans” with each other …

You do not have the permission required to post. You can read Thomas Mann’s “Budenbrooks”, read both Heinrich Mann’s “Der Underton” written during the German Empire, and read “Dr. Faustus” and take over both parts of “King Henry Quadre” during the Brotherhood’s colonization of German national socialism.

Although Thomas came to be a symbol of German literature, at one time the radiological influence of Heinrich’s literary and character magnetism was little by little lost. In 1918, Heinrich Mann’s “material”, which is currently running as a series of novels in this newspaper, was finally published in its entirety and, as it were, ate – “a non-political concept” rather than Thomas Mann.

Heinrich Mann’s “Underton” work is still valid

At this point the sharp, eight-year-old fraternity was in full swing. He initially pointed himself to a rivalry between two writers, which actually erupted with the First World War because he had talked with Thomas Heinrich about the “Great, Decent, Holy People’s War.” Heinrich was not ready to accept this nonsense. As a result, the two hurt each other – even in literary relationships – but Thomas was always very aggressive, humiliating, and hostile. He could not bear the success of Heinrich for many years, however, or for many years he benefited from his older, older brother. In 1922 the two finally compromised.

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But back to 1918, back to the bestseller “Der Underton” at the time. When we think of the artistic way in which Heinrich Mann wrote his observations on humanity in the record book, we are right with him, they are not only valid for this day of his 150th birthday, but for now. In the novel “Der Underton” rises in society in the German Empire before 1900, in fact it rises again and again – thanks to its brilliant talent and resignation. We each know these types of citizens with hierarchical worship fitted into their respective community associations – and better career opportunities. The book says: “Whatever he wants to kick must be kicked, that is the iron law of power.”

Psychology of a type of person: Professor Unrod with moral acidity

Heinrich Mann succeeded in creating the timeless, razor-sharp psychology of this type of person – as well as “Professor Unrod” who succeeded in creating a wide variety of timeless psychologies, including the dictator of the high school, who was the most close observer of all human beings. As is the case here, contradictory references with elegant wording make for an almost addictive read. The passage in “Professor Unrod” is very funny because easily, the energetic dancer Rosa Fruhlich sweetly advises her morally bad professor about sexually mature students: “Because this will excite you as much as what young people do.”

Writer Heinrich Mann.

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However, after this apt note, the omnipotent narrator Heinrich Mann says dryly: “This view of life did not lead to Annrat’s understanding.” The Heinrich and Thomas brothers are equal in their contradiction.

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Lessons and rubbish were thrown in despite Heinrich Mann’s earlier days as a socially and politically brilliant writing phase. When he was a child from a good Lபெbeck home, he had experience from the best circles – and he had a satirical attitude contrary to convention, capitalism and reaction.

Like caricature, he was criticized, slammed, and even hated for the so-called imperialist “milk and honey land” events. He felt like writing “social time novels”: because: “German society does not know itself … and the leading class is fading behind the clouds.” It should be noted that music, drama and opera have repeatedly played a role in Heinrich Mann’s literature – the twisted, knot relationship between community and art.

The man is described by King Heinrich as a role model

However, after the devastation of the First World War, his passion expanded even further. He began to work politically and toward an economically socialized Europe. In addition to the possibility of stamping out the literary division, a more and more descriptive creative combination. The German movement towards the Weimar Republic, as well as the literature and history of France, which he had studied (implemented) since childhood, supported the principles of the 1789 revolution, social justice and education. Heart.

All of this culminated in the late works of King Henry Quadre’s youth and wholeness in the late 1930s, a Renaissance novel in which Henry IV served his role through learning. It should be read as a parable, especially under the terrorist regime of the National Socialists – both books should have been able to be read in this country …

Two great literary figures: Heinrich Mann (standing) and his brother Thomas Mann in 1905.

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Heinrich Mann described himself as an increasingly virtuous king, a philanthropist, a role model – his books in Germany caught fire under the rules of national socialism. No longer is imperialism – once like Wilhelm II – ruling here literally, but with an alternative, well-meaning Henry Quadre. The focus was now on writing how the world should be, not how the world should not be. “Literature is never mere art … because it is the conscience – the conscience expelled from the world and placed before it.” The masterpieces of Henry Quadre and subject Heinrich Mann are paramount.

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Heinrich Mann wrote movie scripts for Hollywood

In his final years, however, he enjoyed a once-changing European home, snatched away: after a rapid escape from Germany in 1933 and herding cattle to Lisbon via the Pyrenees (along with Franz Verbel and the Lion F ஃபtzwanker), he continued to maneuver the steamer in the United States in 1940, and . Mann wrote movie scripts for Hollywood that ended up in the drawer as it was originally intended; His “Lidis” novel does not fit into the horrible subject; In 1944 his second wife Nelly Crocker died with sleeping pills.

When Heinrich Mann was rehabilitated in Germany after the war, he – in addition to the GDR National Prize 1st Class – was appointed the first President of the newly established German Academy of Arts in Berlin, where he already held the ship’s passenger license, and then on March 12, 1950 in Santa Monica, California. Died.

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