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“I'm a little shocked”: World record for largest blueberry broken in Australia

“I'm a little shocked”: World record for largest blueberry broken in Australia

Only 20 grams, still a feat. A blueberry harvested in New South Wales (Australia) on November 13, 2023 was officially crowned “World's Largest Blueberry” this Tuesday, March 12 by the very serious Guinness World Records.

Produced by Brad Hocking, Jessica Scalzo and Marie-France Courtois, the fruit measured 39.31 mm wide and weighed 20.4 grams, ten times heavier than normal.

The previous record was broken

“When we put him on the scale, I was a little shocked. I knew they were big, but I had to think twice to confirm the weight,” he said. Guardian Brad Hocking, blueberry manager at Costa, is a fruit and vegetable grower in Corinthia, New South Wales, on Australia's east coast.

The giant eterna blueberry is now frozen, but there is talk of molding it in resin and hanging it on the wall, Brad Hocking told the British daily. The berry also broke the previous record for the world's heaviest blueberry, weighing 1.25 times the weight of 16.2 grams recorded for two blueberries produced in Western Australia in 2018 and 2020.

The Eterna variety was developed by the Costa Fruit Group, and is known for its slightly larger berries: when harvested in November, about twenty blueberries approach record fruit size. He also noted that demand for large blueberries is increasing, an effect he said is linked to the fruit's wider use in baking and breakfast cereals.

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