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Submarine crisis: A year after "deal of the century" with Paris fell apart, US can't deliver Australia

Submarine crisis: A year after “deal of the century” with Paris fell apart, US can’t deliver Australia

A year after the sudden breach of the “Deal of the Century”, the Americans ultimately failed to deliver, when Australia decided to boycott France and cancel an order for 12 submarines to approach the United States and the United Kingdom. Australians at the right time. By doing so, France could build submarines again.

Stick reversed. A year ago, Australia It had decided to unilaterally break the “Deal of the Century” with France for construction Submarines America and the UK. However, this “treason”, which was condemned by the foreign minister at the time, Jean-Yves Le Drian, seems to be hitting the bamboo more and more.

According to Le Figaro, Canberra is now looking for alternatives to avoid a “capacity breakdown” in its fleet. The AmericaAustralia ended the “deal of the century” at the expense of Paris, the “historic” allies that eventually failed to supply it with submarines.

Indeed, American and British shipyards are overwhelmed with orders, and Australia’s new allies cannot deliver nuclear submarines on time as requested by Canberra.

In other words, while France is proposing delivery from 2030, the US and British are now planning delivery by 2040 at best… ten years apart.

France to the rescue

Therefore, this quack pushed Australia to open a political dialogue with France, which was confirmed by Anne Genet, Secretary of the Defense Commission in the National Assembly. “We are seeing the resumption of political dialogue between France and Australia. This is a very good thing. But trust that has been permanently shaken or broken takes time to rebuild,” he explained on Twitter.

According to standard sources, Emmanuel Macron Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese proposed building four submarines at a meeting in July. It will take place in France, near Cherbourg, not in Australia as provided for in the “Deal of the Century”.

Relations between the French and Australians remained strained until the change of government in Australia in the spring of 2022 555 million euro loss For a French submarine manufacturer.

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