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Edgar Wright could go into space with Barbarella

Edgar Wright could go into space with Barbarella

The remake of the film was first announced in 2022 Barbarella From 1968 still under development. Latest information from Delivery time Even the project acceleration report, whether the main actress, Sidney SweeneyThe wind in her sails.

Producers Jane Goldman and Honey Ross are said to be in discussions with Edgar Wright, who are interested in making this feature film. The idea would be to confirm the commitments, given the busy schedules of the two characters. Sweeney has a series of films including Madame Web And Everything but you This year, when Wright doubles down on projects.

The British director is working on a new film adaptation running man, Based on the book by Stephen King It was published in 1982 under his pseudonym Richard Bachman. It's actually a remake, as the 1987 film was based on the script, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger…

Edgar Wright would be so prepared for this that he met with the actress immediately after announcing his participation in the project, in 2022… but no other information has leaked, whether about the script or the possible filming date.

Previous return in the comics

This new cinematic version of Barbarella It was preceded by another appearance in the comics in five episodes coordinated by American publisher Dynamite.

These were new adventures Written by Mike Carey (The devil, Hellblazer, Red Sonya…), drawn by various artists and supervised by Jean-Marc Louviser, himself a comic book writer and screenwriter. Nothing indicates that the film's story will be based on these comics.

In France, it is an integral part Barbarella It was published in 2021 by the publisher Les Humanoids Associés. The new adventures remain unpublished in French to this day.

Photography: Sydney Sweeney at Berlinale, 2023 (Elena Ternovaja, CC BY-SA 3.0)