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What happens to singer Jon Bon Jovi?

What happens to singer Jon Bon Jovi?

On the occasion of the recent release of the documentary Thank You, Good Night: The Bon Jovi Story On Disney+, find out what happened to Jon Bon Jovi, founder and leader of the famous American rock band.

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Friday, April 26 saw a release date Thank You, Good Night: The Bon Jovi Story on Disney+. Divided into four episodes, the documentary series provides an overview of the difficult beginnings, greatest successes and bitterest failures of the famous rock band Bon Jovi, through forty years of personal video archives, unpublished samples, lyrics and rarities. the pictures. On the occasion of the program’s release on the Disney+ platform, learn what happened to leader Jon Bon Jovi, whose vocal cord injury in 2022 paralyzed the band.

Jon Bon Jovi: A long career marked by a vocal cord injury

After making American music history with his group, Jon Bon Jovi saw his career slow due to a vocal cord injury. As he explained during a presentation of the documentary series. It was one of his vocal cords “literally atrophy”. “Your vocal cords are supposed to look parallel, or let's say they're as thick as a thumb: one of my vocal cords was as thick as my thumb and the other was as thick as my pinky finger. So the strong pushed the weak to the side and I didn't sing well.”He completed it. In order to remedy this, The 62-year-old rocker admitted that he suffered from “An important process for rebuilding the vocal cords. During the MusicCares evening on February 2, Jon Bon Jovi performed the songs in a duet with Bruce Springsteen. Who says you can't go home? And Promised LandThis is his first appearance on stage since vocal cord surgery.

The future of Bon Jovi's group remains uncertain

If a new album by the Bon Jovi group is expected to be released in June 2024, Millie's future father-in-law, Bobby Brown, does not know whether he will be able to tour again. “I want to tour next year, but I'm still recovering from major surgery.”“, he confided into the microphone of Boston station Mix 104.1. “Although I'm on the road to recovery and I was able to take my time and do a song a day when I was recording the album. My need, want and desire has been to be able to work two and a half hours a night and four nights a week for months and I've been working toward that goal.”.

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