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Watch the trailer for the new comedy film “1995” directed by Riccardo Troggi

Watch the trailer for the new comedy film “1995” directed by Riccardo Troggi

Poster and trailer for the comedy film 1995, One of Quebec's most anticipated summer blockbusters was unveiled Wednesday morning.

Yet popular Nineteen eighty-one, 1987 And 1991, This fourth part of the biographical saga of director Riccardo Troggi narrates the adventures of the young man Riccardo who, having given up his dream of becoming a film director, receives an unexpected call that will change his life and reignite his artistic flame: his application is selected among the finalists for the 1994-1995 edition. Global Destination Racing.

It was filmed last year in Quebec, Morocco and Nepal. 1995 It focuses in particular on Ricardo's trip to Egypt, where the budding director had great difficulty completing his report on the show.

In the two-minute trailer revealed on Wednesday, we can also see that despite having aged four years since the previous episode, Ricciardo is still pretty good at getting his feet wet…

Actor Jean-Karl Boucher plays Ricardo, flanked in particular by Sandrine Besson (who plays the mother again), Claudio Colangelo (the father), Shadi Janhou, Youssef Nekmouche, Rose Adam and Mikael Guen.

1995 It is expected to be released in Quebec theaters on July 31.

Photo courtesy of SPHERE MEDIA

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