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Show Tour: Sarah Dufour 'stumbled' in China

Show Tour: Sarah Dufour 'stumbled' in China

Sarah Dufour has returned elated, to put it mildly, from her six-concert tour of China.

“I was very excited,” said the flamboyant artist from Lac-Saint-Jean. Newspaper He asked him about his first impressions of his first stay on Chinese soil.

Although she passed out due to jet lag (she returned Monday evening), Sarah Dufour discussed at length an adventure that exceeded all her expectations.

“After our last show [à Zhongshan]“The owner of the place wrote back the next day to thank us for putting on one of the best shows since he owned his pub, 25 years ago,” she shared, still very excited.

In concert in Guangzhou, May 4.

Image taken from Facebook, Sarah Dufour

Chinese fans

Between 1any On May 11, Sarah Dufour and her musicians performed concerts in five cities, including Hong Kong and Shenzhen, to audiences including Chinese and expatriates.

Quebec was surprised to discover that it already had fans in China.

“I remember a girl called Alice, a Chinese girl, came to see me. She told me she had followed me on Spotify and couldn’t believe I was coming to her city. Honestly, it was hard for me to believe it.”

She continues: “At the end of the shows, I went to meet people and there were many who came to take pictures with me and ask for autographs. It made me happy because you always hope it will happen.

Which song got the best feedback? Ciao bye. “Unanimously. When I do 'oh, oh, oh' in my melodic gap, everyone feels challenged. Everyone came along with us.”

Ready to come back

It is clear that Sarah Dufour would respond if she was offered to play in China again. She's so excited that it might affect her next writing window.

“Will it inspire me to create? I hope so. Even if it's just a song.”

Until then, she still has a lot of work to do in Quebec. She is expected to perform about forty concerts this summer, and she will participate in the Canada Day parade on May 1any July in Ottawa.

Public works

Next week, we'll see her everywhere in the media as she's the spokesperson for National Public Works Week, a mandate she was given three years ago that has allowed her to discover, she believes, underappreciated professions.

“I did twirling, steam rolling, football stripes, basket trimming, and snow shoveling,” the singer says.

“Sometimes we take for granted that the parks are clean and the facilities are in place,” she continues. “Seeing this makes you realize the importance of public works.”