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Donald Trump’s civil trial: His daughter Ivanka distances herself |  Donald Trump faces justice

Donald Trump’s civil trial: His daughter Ivanka distances herself | Donald Trump faces justice

In the civil trial for financial fraud against Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka distanced herself from her specific role in the family real estate empire and alongside her father, swearing under oath not to recall favorable loan negotiations with banks in the 2000s.

Ivanka Trump does not face civil charges in this case, and she left the Trump Organization in 2017 to advise her father as he entered the White House, where he dreams of returning on January 20, 2025.

Arriving smiling and relaxed at the Manhattan courthouse, wearing a black uniform over a white shirt, Ivanka Trump was sworn in to the New York State Supreme Court (Trial Court, editor’s note), where his brothers Don Jr. and Eric Trump and the former President of the United States testified last week and Monday. The last two.

When a prosecutor invited her to speak, Judge Arthur Engoron, who had presided over the proceedings since October 2, joked: Who is she?

In a very soft, inaudible voice, Ivanka Trump continued to stress that she did not do that I did not remember In detail the negotiations she had with the banks over the terms of the loans, as evidenced by the emails she exchanged with the banks in 2011 and 2016 and provided to her by the Attorney General.

As I sit here today, I don’t remember these circumstances from 2011.

He was also asked about her possible role alongside her father in establishing it Personal financial dataIvanka Trump replied: These were not things I knew about. […] I was not involved in his personal financial statements.

Before the hearing, charges were brought against New York State Attorney General Letitia James, who is prosecuting Trump’s father and son. Ivanka Trump [d’avoir] Useful loans closed and negotiated based on fraudulent financial statements Before leaving the Trump Organization.

She would try to distance herself from the company, but unfortunately, the facts would show that she was too involvedThis senior judge, elected from the Democratic Party, insisted on demanding $250 million in compensation from the Trump family.

Donald Trump defends himself

Donald Trump, who defended himself forcefully in court on Monday, is accused of fraudulently inflating the value of their assets — countless companies that operate skyscrapers, hotels, luxury residences or golf courses around the world — to obtain better bank loans. And more favorable insurance terms.

A scowling Donald Trump attends the trial.

Donald Trump appears in court in New York to respond to a civil lawsuit in which he is accused of inflating the value of his real estate assets in order to obtain financial advantages from banks.

Photo: Reuters

Before the trial, Judge Engoron had ruled at the end of September on a sting filed by the New York State Attorney General’s Office. Conclusive evidence that between 2014 and 2021, the defendants overstated the value of the assets From a group 812 million (to) $2.2 billion By year, in the numbers recorded in Donald Trump’s annual financial statements.

As a result of Repeated fraudHe had ordered the liquidation of companies that managed these assets, such as Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York or the soon-to-be century-old neo-Gothic skyscraper on Wall Street.

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If this decision – currently pending appeal – is implemented, the Republican billionaire will lose control of part of his real estate empire.

This trial is just one of the first legal tests that await Donald Trump. In particular, he must appear in federal court in Washington from March 2024 for his alleged attempts to reverse the outcome of the 2020 election.