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Hamas fighters filmed the bodies moving

Hamas fighters filmed the bodies moving

***Be careful, the images above are difficult to view.***

A surveillance camera showed Hamas fighters removing bodies from a car at the entrance to Kibbutz Beri, where more than a hundred residents were killed.

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Pictures revealed by Reuters show the attackers arriving on motorcycles, searching the cars, and two bodies emerging from the car.

The gunmen leave the place, but others return moments later.

They recovered a body and then left the scene in a small truck, heading back.

Screenshot | Reuters

Reuters was able to confirm the location of the surveillance camera footage by comparing the infrastructure, tree layout and road shape with satellite images and archival footage of the area.

At the entrance to Kibbutz Beri, located less than five kilometers from the border with Gaza, a pile of bodies was found a few hours after the attacks.

At this site, more than a hundred residents were killed, according to the army.

Screenshot | Reuters

β€œThe destruction here is absolutely massive,” said Doron Spielman, an Israeli army spokesman there.

Another speaker, Jonathan Cornicus, added: β€œAnd this is without counting the many kibbutz members who were taken hostage and transported to Gaza.”

During this attack, Hamas kidnapped dozens of Israeli hostages, both foreign and dual nationals, and threatened to execute them.

Israel has vowed to eliminate the Hamas movement that rules the Gaza Strip, in response to the deadliest attack on civilians in Israel’s history, when hundreds of gunmen breached the fence and looted towns on Saturday.

The Kan public broadcaster said the number of Israeli deaths reached more than 1,300.

Most of them were civilians who were shot dead in their homes, in the street or during a dance party. Many Israeli and foreign hostages were returned to Gaza; Israel claims to have identified 97.

– With Agence France-Presse