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Do you realize how long Kasu has been in our lives?

Patrick Roy has been in our lives for a long time. This is true of the young journalist FX Benard, who yesterday morning found out with surprise that Casso had won the Calder Cup in 1985 in Sherbrooke and the Stanley Cup in 1986 with the Canadians: “Wow! Two in a row! exclaimed FX who … is 25 years old .

For FX and all the guys and girls of his generation, Patrick Roy is the amazing trainer and General Manager of Quebec Remparts. It’s also a jersey, No. 33, hanging from the ceiling of the Bell Center and the vague memory that he won Coach of the Year with the Colorado Avalanche.

He accepted Joe Sakic and the owners of the Avalanche were fired when he no longer felt respect for the organization. Pure Casio.

Variable ending Jean Charles

For a 50-year-old like Jean-Charles Lajoie, King of TVA Sports and BPM Network, Patrick Roy goes back even further in his memory: “I was very young and when I had the opportunity to attend Granby Bisons matches in the QMJHL, I was fascinated by this weakness in front of goal. So much so that I changed the ends of the ring when Patrick changed sides during stints. I wanted to be close and not miss a thing,” he said yesterday morning.

Further, says JiCi, one of my colleagues, Bijou Rinfret, who called him Casseau when he described the matches of the Canadian Voyageurs of Sherbrooke. Patrick spent several games on the bridge eating cans of French fries despite his frightening thinness.

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This thinness made headlines when Casso took off his jersey on one of the Canadiens’ floats in a Stanley Cup parade in 1986.

So Casso came into my life during this season, which ended with a parade on Sainte-Catherine Street.

It was not taken into account. Neither Serge Savard nor his advisor Jacques Lemerre were convinced that Patrick Roy had secured his place as the great Canadian goalkeeper. It was Jean Peron who struggled to enforce it.

Festive dinner

Don’t forget Jean Peron. He and Patrick Roy share the same birthday. October 5: The day before the game in Pittsburgh, the first of the year, I had decided to send Patrick in front of goal since Steve Penny was injured during training camp. And Serge Savard invited me and Patrick to dinner in Pittsburgh to celebrate our anniversary. Casso made his career debut on opening night against Mario Lemieux and the Penguins. We won 5-3 and Mario scored at least one goal,” said Jean Peron of Gaspizzi, who adopted him.

In fact, I remember that at that time Serge Savard was far from determined to keep three goalkeepers with the big club. Steve Penny was a favorite of Jacques Lemire and Doug Sweetart was a well-established veteran. But Patrick Roy was so talented that Perron persuaded Savard that he would give thirty games to his novice and that he highly recommended the appointment of François Allaire to supervise him and assist his progress.

Jean Perron pantsed the front, but made several good shots for the Canadian. Including winning the Stanley Cup… with Casso in front of the net.

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Patrick turned fans’ lives upside down when he stood up to Mario Tremblay and told Ronald Curry that he had played his last game in Montreal.

He stood tall when Mario Tremblay humiliated him in front of all of Canada on Saturday night by being forced to stay in goal against Scotty Bowman’s Detroit Red Wings. The wings shamelessly smashed the flannel.

Even FX has seen this footage of Patrick going to say how he thinks about Ronald Curry.

On Monday, Casso flogged himself at a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Laval. Daniel Lamarre, president of the National at the time, organized a press conference for Currie and Regian Hall at the Forum and Paul Wilson, a young employee of the same National, the press conference for Patrick in Laval.

Who were National’s important customers? Awesome, you got it all. So much so, that after the press conference and after being interviewed during a TVA 7am special, I had advised Casso to stop flogging himself. You did well to send them their luggage.

A few months later, after playing in all 22 of the Colorado Avalanche’s playoff games and shutting out the Panthers in the Final, Patrick Roy won the Stanley Cup. 1-0 in the third overtime. Having said in the locker room before the start of overtime: “Don’t beat yourself up guys, anyway, you will never pass the puck.”

The next afternoon, it was a Tuesday, I think, the phone rang. Patrick Roy was: “Rej, it’s Patrick. I just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me. To stop flogging me. He told me you were right. In short, as we also talked about this scenic opening with Avalanche.

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This is Patrick Roy. Many are not forgotten. Even when you’re writing The Mask, a TV series about a goalkeeper with domestic problems…

I now hope that Patrick Roy will stay in FX Bénard’s life for a long time by being the head coach of a National League team.

The next generation needs leaders like him…