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Logan Mallox’s quest for maturity

Logan Mailu was sparring sharply with an opponent for the umpteenth time. He even had a tricky exchange through a bay window with an arena employee, a proud protégé of Petes, who was then taunting the Knights about to lose Game 4 of the series and find themselves trailing 1-3 in the Ontario Hockey League’s (OHL) Grand Final.

Milo was in all the fray in this duel during our visit to charming Peterborough. At a glance, he must have played 30 minutes (the league does not count this data).

thirty threeWe will later correct Dylan Hunter, son of Dale and trainer of the Defenders Knights.

We think Timmins, let’s get back to him, couldn’t help but smile at this first-round pick game, given his laid-back vibe. His first-round selection to the Canadiens in 2021.

It will be the last major decision of his reign, and also the most controversial for reasons we know, a decision which he will be able to justify only with a long silence of about twenty seconds, more eloquent than any comment.

Banned, he ended up losing his job and Mailloux had to comply with all of CH’s requirements to earn the right to remain in the organisation. We had to make up for this sexual offense committed in Sweden when he was a minor.

Impossible to know what Timmins thinks today, please remain discreet.

Logan Mallox at the Canadian Junior Camp

Photo: Radio-Canada/Ivano Demers

Today, the Hab’s General Staff has a talented defender on their hands without having to endure the obnoxious, if one may say so, of being recruited. A legacy from Timmins, who was clearly not in Peterborough to assess his previous selection, but perhaps to report on Easton Cowan or Denver Barkey, among others.

Follow Milo Therapy and get involved in his community. His efforts satisfied the organization so much that Kent Hughes awarded him his first professional contract the previous September.

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We have been very active this year, both visiting hospitals and schools. We organized meetings with the partisans. Lots of stuff like thatMilo told us after the game.

I like to think that I am a leader On our team and in the community. »

Quote from Logan Milo

Milo’s quest to grow up was just beginning.

Patience and length of time

This hard-won maturity is a long process, one recruiter told us, and it won’t end overnight.

The young player showed his credentials and has been struggling to prove, ever since, that events allowed him to evolve as a human being. The Canadian realized this and, while following in his personal footsteps, is now interested in the hockey player.

It’s understandable. There is a lot to love there. He has 53 points, including 27 goals, in 59 games this season. He followed that up with 21 points in 19 playoff games. Its performance is impressive. his skills too.

Some medieval draft horses were, it is said, treated with more tenderness than Mallow on a Wednesday evening in May.

Thirty-three minutes on the ice, so 12 (!!!) shots on goal, over twenty attempts, powerful climbs, ball control and generally smart play in his own area. He finished the evening at -3, okay, but that wasn’t really him doing, because he was biding his time on the ice and the Knights ended up losing 5-3, including a goal allowed on an empty fillet.

They are celebrating a goal.

Logan Mallox and two colleagues

Photo: Credit: London Knights

Mailou is improving his defensive technique. This is a huge gap, which can be a problem for a defender. There is something else too.

Sometimes he tries to do too much, to deceive everyone, not to distribute the disk. He will be blamed by his teammates one day. Yes, he often succeeds in juniors, because he has big steps, he skates well forward. He has a good hand, a good shot, but you have to look at his collective team. When he is in a hurry, he wants to do a lotthe recruiter told us.

During our visit, he seemed to be fairly responsible in his territory, with a few indifferences here and there. The sample was scanty, but impressive.

We asked him to play more defensively and he agreed. It appears to have maturedsaid Dylan Hunter.

I can serve him against any line on the other side, he develops into a responsible defensive player. Using his stick to clip plays, controlling a gap with the puck carrier, his exits from zones, etc. He’s always been great with the puck, but we’ve seen a lot of improvement in his game off the puck.chained assistant coach.

Our recruit, is a rage. Where Hunter’s son shows progress this season, he sees it as a long-term job barely under construction.

This personality trait that led Malou to make a mistake by sharing a candid photo of a young woman without her consent with his teammates is also evident in his game, on an infinitely smaller scale, it goes without saying.

Not that he doesn’t have a sense of the game, I just think he evaluates himself poorly. I think he thinks everything is allowedthe first to shoot down the scout in question.

It’s a little bit down to making the decision off the ice. I think he has a bit of a self-esteem problem. He’ll get to the next level and he’ll definitely get his feet back on the ground at some point, but it won’t happen by moving his toes. »

Quote from Recruiter for Logan Milo

It’s just an opinion. Warning at the same time, at the dawn of his professional career. There’s nothing like the patience, experience, and perspective of taking the time to take a step back, do some self-reflection, and understand where we are in life.

Milo, thinks so It’s been a good year. In addition to his personal challenges, he was suspended for half of last season and had shoulder surgery after just 12 games in the winter of 2022.

It’s good to play hockey. We had a long run and that was the best thing for me. I just have to get as many reps as possibledropped into Martin St. Louis-style phrasing.

I want to be a complete defender who can play in all circumstances, whether I’m one goal ahead or behind. I’m trying to clean up my game a bitMailloux argued.

It’s easy, probably, when you’ve taken the time to clean up your life.

a lot of

The Knights were unable to turn the tide against the Peterborough Petes, who won the OHL Final in 6 games with a 2-1 victory on Sunday.

Mailou, of course, wants to make the jump right into the Canadians next year. His performance in training camp will be eagerly awaited due to the flaws on the right side of the tri-colour defence.

Dylan Hunter didn’t risk predicting the thing. However, he made it clear that this is not a physical problem.

If you compare with Evan Bouchard that we had here, he needed to pick up steam. Milo looks a bit like John Carlson. A very fat man eating ice cream. It is a very large. Physically he is ready. After that, it’s about seeing how he’ll adapt.

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