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"We will not send her to Laval!"  - Michel Bergeron

“We will not send her to Laval!” – Michel Bergeron

Prior to the start of the season, few experts were betting on the defensive brigade of the Montreal Canadiens. However, the defenders have proven surprisingly effective.

Especially with the injuries of Joel Edmondson and Mike Matheson, three rookie players – Kayden Guhley, Arber Chicage and Jordan Harris – started the campaign on the Blue Line out of confinement and gained the full confidence of their head coach.

On the other hand, after 10 matches played in 2022-2023, it marks the turning point of the start of the season.

Edmundson’s return to the game means management must make a difficult roster decision that could affect his defense.

If the journalist Montreal Journal Jean-François Chaumont thinks Xhekaj is the “easy pick,” and Dave Morissette instead thinks Ontario’s comeback is “the one we don’t want who gets the drop.”

Michel Bergeron doesn’t think Kent Hughes wants to officially demote the powerful young athlete.

“It could be for 24 hours. We won’t send him to Laval. We can only (remove his name from the squad) to organize 23 players,” he suggested Tiger.

And will the return of Matheson, who is halfway to his eight-week recovery, announced Oct. 13, from a crooked muscle in his stomach, give GM a headache in CH? Many are positive about the experience he will provide young people, but others would like to see him stay healthy above all else.

“You all see him playing in the first pair, against the best strikers. He hasn’t played for two years (the whole season). Let’s wait until tomorrow. Friday, you’ll call me and tell me ‘You were right, Berge!'”, he warned.

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