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The Betz family suffers a legal setback

The family believes that the accused use the practices arbitrary and expansive. Jonathan Betz and his relatives were seeking $10,000 in damages. They consider that prosecutors multiply steps to hinder the smooth progress of the case.

Judge Benoît Emery finds that the Secretariat of Quebec and its representatives did not commit serious wrongdoing, either by delaying further examination of the witness or by neglecting to hand over certain documents. in a specific time.

Jonathan Betz and his parents are suing Sûreté du Québec for $10 million. They accuse the police of doing everything to make the population believe that Jonathan Betz was a pedophile and murderer in a case for which he was acquitted in 2018.

Regarding the delivery of documents by the Sûreté du Québec, we can read in the short judgment of May 10 thatThis is not a material breach because the defendants have taken very great efforts to fulfill all prior obligations..

The judge indicated that the Director of Criminal and Penal Public Prosecution was in possession of the documents and that the defendants then Hire a person who has worked for five weeks full time Gather relevant information.

As for the interrogation, which was postponed without an order, Benoit Emery writes The court must conclude that it is not facing a derogation that deviates significantly from the behavior that should be expected from a party to the dispute.

Third failure, that’s aboutProtective orderHis opinion was affirmed by the Bettez family, but the judge indicated that the matter would be taken up in court on January 22, 2024, So much so that one cannot allege material violation on the part of the defendants.

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