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Bubba accused of ambushing influencer Jolve94, the fight is driving netizens crazy!  – Tuxboard

Bubba accused of ambushing influencer Jolve94, the fight is driving netizens crazy! – Tuxboard

Jolve94 influencer Booba has been accused of setting a trap for him. Their fight drove netizens crazy!

Bubba doesn’t just have friends. And the least we can say is that the list of people he doesn’t agree with is very long. Influencer Jolve94 does, too Part of this famous list.

A violent fight between Booba and Jolve94

In this summer period, many stars do not hesitate to perform on stage to make their fans happy. And the least we can say is that Bubba is Determined to be part of the group.

To cheer up his community, Booba decides to sing old and new songs. On Friday, June 30, he also decided to perform in Portugal for the Afro Nation.

While he was in the middle of a party, he didn’t hesitate to call out influencer Jolve94. I dropped: “Wash, Jolve94. Where is Jolve94?! ». The main interested party has it Then list the sequence of events.

He then explained on his Snapchat account that rapper Gato Da Bato asked the influencer to join B20 in his dressing room. And the least we can say is that Jolve94 didn’t predict the outcome at all.

Tell : “I’m going quietly, not saying anything to myself. I’m going to shake Bubba’s hand.”. According to his words, that would be the latter Gave a big punch.

Basically, I didn’t ask for anything.

Jolve94 also revealed: “First, second and third potatoes. They are ten…”. Then the main interested party showed his injuries to his audience. Later, it is In this fight with Bubba.

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swing: “I write normally. Guys, we can lose. We’re not super. But fairness, it’s not fair… Basically, I didn’t ask for anything…”.

On the other hand, the influencer admitted he had no idea why Bubba decided to attack him. He hadn’t expected a quarrel to break out between them at all when he came to his dressing room.

Next, Jolve94 said: “It’s too bad to do that. I’m not afraid of anyone. Bubba, from the moment you take a guy into your dressing room to pump yourself up…”.

Before proceeding: “Guys, I’m 1.70m. I don’t even know I have a problem with him kicking me. Look at my lips, He just hit my lips… Bubba, you have no strength! ».

Netizens react to the fight

Jolve94 explained: “These bodyguards, they can do whatever they want even Bubba face to face. I too can make an octagon. Tell me the time, date, and day.” You and me, no problem.

Finally: “But my brother is there without lying, I have anger. You alone have done nothing to me! I was alone, there he and his friends were … Men beware, I am not in the position of the victim ».

For their part, netizens reacted to this fight between Booba and Jolves94. Conceal: “Jolve94 is shouting everywhere that he was kicked out by Booba and his mates. Taking Gato under the wing was definitely not for learning Chinese.”.

Honestly, you make a house your age, Bubba. Take it in cute Jolve94. Besides, doing it in the most cheesy way makes him think he’s welcome. Yours Toot, they are right on Ruf and Maes. you pancake.