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Here's the seventh candidate to leave Star Academy tonight

Here’s the seventh candidate to leave Star Academy tonight

Three girls were in danger this week in star Academy, specifically Marilee, Sarah Maud and Camellia. For the three artists, their futures at the academy were on the line on Sunday, March 20, during their solo shows.

At the conclusion of the eighth of the lineup star AcademyThe fate of the three candidates at risk has been decided. One of them was saved by the public, the second by the faculty, and the third had to say goodbye to the academy.

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During the Monday-Thursday newspapers, we were able to follow the preparations of the artists who worked hard to sing their song with precision and perfection in order to impress the audience and judges during Sunday’s lineup.

Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

Each of them was playing around with their stress management methods. Marilee chose to accept her fate and make the most of her week without putting too much pressure on herself. Camellia no longer sees danger as a result, but rather as an opportunity to shine in public. Sarah-Maud has accepted the challenge of making her performance tonight better than her first jeopardy.

It was Camelia who got the ball with her solo performance in the song hereWritten by Barbara Barfi, under the proud gaze of her father.

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Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

Sarah-Maud lit the stage with her interpretation of a song made for her, high deep mountain river, by Tina Turner.

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Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

Finally, Marilee finished with her faithful guitar to sing for us island tourby Felix Leclerc.

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Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

After the extraordinary feats of Cœur de pirate, impressive sugar shack-themed theater Daniel Lavoie and Lydia Bouchard’s engagement, it’s time to announce the result.

Jo�l Lemay / QMI Agency

Fans talked, and Camellia Zaki was the audience’s favorite. The faculty chose to keep Sarah-Maud Desgany in the race.

Thus, the sixth candidate to leave the Academy is Marielle Dorion.

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