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Louis Morissette makes a tough decision about his social media and explains himself

Louis Morissette makes a tough decision about his social media and explains himself

Many artists are currently deploring, loud and clear, the climate of tension prevailing on social networks. Many people have to deal with hateful comments and stupidity while they are posting positive content to their followers.

The described situation appears to be that of Louis Morissette, who made a difficult decision about his social networks.

He states that he will now only post professional content and will refrain from posting more personal content and opinions.

He explains: I tried to keep this wall open. I honestly thought there could be a valid exchange based on disagreement. There have been, but they are inundated with people writing dozens and dozens of tasteless posts (one person made it to 100). I’ve taken to disagreeing with what you said, and I don’t care “te yinque un criss de cave”, I live with the idea of ​​subsidies even though most industries are. I can’t afford to insult people who share my point of view, or take it back at my in-laws. My opinions are mine alone.

This wall will again become a public page where I will only talk about my professional projects. Because when you get out of that framework, things get out of hand.

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You also have to remember that the people behind their screens, whether they’re celebrities or not, are all sensitive human beings. Nuance and respect remain structured at all times.

We congratulate Louis Morissette for setting his foot in this difficult context, even if his personal posts were missed.

Note that we can find Louis Morissette, this fall, on top of the second season of Game Master. Details on this long-awaited second release are available here. Phil Roy, who will play in the second season, also told us about the beginning of filming here.

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Louis Morissette She is also writing a third season RoleWith Eric Bruno who was discussing this project here.