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Brendan Gallagher does not look happy with the way Martin St. Louis is using him

Brendan Gallagher does not look happy with the way Martin St. Louis is using him

If the Canadian wasn't stuck at the throat regarding payroll, the club would have been looking for better players earning a little more money a long time ago. But this is impossible.

Why? Especially because of Brendan Gallagher's contract.

Gali, a warrior, slowed down. He doesn't give his club enough points for every dollar invested, and on the ice, he's less helpful.

Guide? Its sanctions are increasingly useless.

We saw that yesterday, but it's nothing new to see the small forward cheat a little on the ice. Inevitably, this started to hurt his club more and more because the punishment method was so strict.

So Martin St. Louis has a problem: Since Galli is healthy this season, he should play him. However, it is difficult to find a chair for him, to use an expression trainer.

a result? Things are moving along a bit in the club trio, except for the first.

Does the main person like it and move that way? No, he doesn't like that. After all, he is the first to say that a little stability allows him to establish himself well in the trio.

And there, the way it's going, he clearly doesn't like it.

stu cowan, Who works on behalf NewspaperAsk questions to key stakeholders about the topic. Between the lines we understand that Galli will not say out loud that he does not agree with his coach’s decisions, but…

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But he doesn't seem happy with the way Martin St. Louis is using him.

No. 11 privately mentioned that finding himself on the fourth line “is not a good feeling” and that he wants to get his chances. However, he feels like he doesn't have it now.

Why? Especially because of instability.

For me, now, I'm finding my rhythm again.

I feel like at the beginning of the season, I probably had a comfort zone. There was stability in the threes and everything. -Brendan Gallagher

It must be remembered that the “veteran trio” worked well at the beginning of the season. He, Tanner Pearson and Sean Monahan got off to a good start to the season and it worked…until it didn't.

But Galli always liked stability. He rode well, in his good years, with Philip Danault and Thomas “Tuna” Tatar.

the problem? Right now, Gallagher isn't playing like a guy who deserves big minutes. He doesn't help his team win hockey games, quite the opposite.

Renaud Lavoie, who sees that Galle seems unhappy in his role, Took a few minutes this morning on the radio (BPM Sports) To talk about the status of the veteran striker.

He didn't hesitate to point out that Galli doesn't make his teammates better and that he doesn't help his team score goals when he's on the ice.

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I wonder what CH will do with him in the end, I…

a lot of

– That's good, CH is looking for defeats – Hello.

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– Good listening.

– Clearly.

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