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“Kayden Primo, it's over!”  – Sports value added tax

“Kayden Primo, it's over!” – Sports value added tax

Does Kayden Primeau have a future in Montreal?

Many people doubt this. This is especially the case with the show's host, “JiC.” Jean-Charles Lajoie is convinced that Canadians simply no longer want to know anything about him.

“If we didn't resign him, why did we draft three goalies last year? Primo, it's over. The organization doesn't want him anymore and doesn't know what to do with him. We're going to burn him to the ground,” he said during his Coliseum column with Tony Marinaro on Friday. “. (See in the video above).

According to “JiC,” Primo’s last good moments in front of the net date back to 2022 during the American League qualifiers, when he was “excellent.”

This season, Primeau has made just 12 appearances for CH. It's too little, JiC thinks.

“He's not playing enough. He had his 12th start yesterday, and it wasn't working. It's not enough.”

Marinaro suggested that this low usage could partly explain why Primo allowed two bad goals against the Penguins on Thursday.

“I didn't like his game against the Penguins. He gave up two bad goals, the first and third. Is he giving up bad goals because he's not good or is he giving up bad goals because he plays every two weeks? Or both?”

“It's a combination of both,” the host replied.

Watch the full clip in the video above. It's also about Brendan Gallagher's failures and Montreal's season opener on Saturday in Orlando.