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According to science, this training method is the only truly effective way to get it fast

According to science, this training method is the only truly effective way to get it fast

If you are one of those who practice physical activity with the aim of losing weight, you know that to get results, the training method in particular stands out for its effectiveness.

Interval training, a training method that suits all tastes!

We're not going to lie: it remains our main motivation to move The goal of the dream silhouette. It's not an easy goal to achieve, especially when you don't have enough time to train, or even the motivation… But do you know the good news? There is A way to move Allow to lose weight as wellDefinitely stableAnd this is while spending a minimum of time. Yes, yes, this is the truth, it is not a charlatan's method, but From the famous hit or split. Basically, the training sessions are intended to be very short, but very intense, allowing you to devote only a small amount of time to them, at least twice a week.

Want to know other good news? that is This type of training It is not limited to indoor fitness. You can also apply Hiit or interval training to cycling, running, walking, boxing… Yes, all (or almost) all activities are suitable for it. So, no more excuses to get up and running Results quickly. What motivates you to stay hardworking and not give up, we agree with you! Note that the method cannot be improvised, it requires a specific application so that you do not injure yourself when starting. Ready for it? Let's go!

How much fat mass do we lose by training at high intensity?

Many studies have compared Effect on weight loss And body composition from variable intensity exercises Endurance training at a constant intensity and relatively moderate (at 55 to 70% of maximum heart rate). A compilation of 40 of these studies, published in 2019 in the journal British Journal of Sports MedicineIt is concluded that the former is more effective in losing fat mass: Losing 30% more on average. The most common duration of these studies was 12 weeks, and participants often trained 3 times per week.

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What is the “afterburn” effect that high-intensity training provides?

Interval training Uses all muscle fibers (slow and fast). Various energy sectors (aerobic, which burns fats, and anaerobic, which consumes sugars) and It makes the heart rise higherWhich continues to pulse faster after the session. Where are you from An increase in calories burned in the hours following training, by up to 6 hours on average. Various disciplines such as running, fitness, indoor cycling and swimming are suitable for this type of training. However, depending on the courses or sessions offered, there are differences in the maximum intensity to be achieved and the duration of efforts.

Exercises that require excellent physical condition

In some so-called HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises, The efforts are very intense At 100% of maximum heart rate, they cannot be held for more than 8 seconds before recovering for 8 to 12 seconds, and so on. This type of session cannot be improvised and requires a strong heart. Be careful if you are a smoker or if you are taking birth control pills (estrogen and progestin), your doctor's advice is essential, even Stress test based on your age. Depending on your physical condition, it may be best to stick with classic interval training: 30 seconds of intensity at 80 to 90% of your maximum heart rate (just!) alternating with 30 seconds of recovery.

Note that two stretching or yoga sessions per week is not enough to recover and prevent injuries, in addition to some gentle stretching exercises you can do daily. The same goes for strengthening, which also helps sculpt the silhouette and boost metabolism.

How to determine maximum heart rate?

For good training, it is better to equip yourself with a heart rate monitor and Find out your maximum heart rate, equals on average 220 – your age (for example, 190 to 30 years old). If you are running, The standard will be your VMAMaximum air speed. To calculate this, Run as fast as you can on flat ground for 6 minutes (After warming up) Multiply the distance traveled (in km) by 10: For example, if you have covered 1 km, your VMA is 10 km/h.

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Hiit supplementary exercises

severe or very severe, Interval training allows you to quickly improve your skills And without spending a lot of time on it. But the coaches unanimously agreed: We can't do thatat the risk of fatigue or injury, and in the long run, no longer results.

  • Endurance training

Why is it necessary? When you always train the same way, the body eventually gets used to it. Alternating between Hiit and endurance exercises allows you to lose weight more sustainably. Basic endurance training, with a heart rate between 60 and 70% of maximum heart rate, also helps maintain good heart health and forces muscles to supply fat.
Basic exercises: running or cycling. Fast walk.

  • Muscle strengthening

Why is it necessary? Jumping or running puts stress on the joints. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles that support it. Reinforcement is also allowedAnd the shape of the silhouette. Finally, the more muscular we are, the more we gain We burn calories 24 hours a day.

Basic exercises: Squats: See fitness routine. Chair: Lean your back against the wall, about 30 cm away from it. Bend your knees and let your back slide to find yourself as if you were in a sitting position. Dips: Sit on a very heavy chair or sofa. Hold the edge with your hands and move your buttocks out. Bend and straighten your arms at least 10 times to activate your triceps. Plank: Watch your fitness routine. Balance on one foot.

Why is it necessary? A muscle that is constantly stressed to contract gradually loses length. Stretching your muscles helps you improve your range of motion and progression. Maintaining the poses for a long time also helps stimulate the regeneration of tendons and ligaments, thus preventing injuries. It should not be stretched for a long time after an intense session. You should plan two sessions a week of gentle stretching or yoga, such as Hatha yoga, or if this is not possible, a daily routine set for example at the end of the day. Maintain this position for at least 30 seconds, and try to increase the amplitude with each exhale.

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Basic extensions:
behind : On all fours on mat, flat back and hollow back.
Calves: In a lunge, one foot forward, one foot back, front knee bent, back foot not off the ground.
Buttocks: On the floor on the mat, one leg is extended, and the other is bent and tilted to the other side (for example, right leg to left).
Psoas: Kneeling on a mat, step one foot forward into a lunge with the back knee on the floor, then shift your body weight to the front leg.
measuring : Standing, place your right arm vertically, tighten your abdominal muscles to become longer, and lean to the left from your waist. alternative.

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