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An environmentalist shouted “Allahu Akbar” to celebrate his victory in Leeds, England

An environmentalist shouted “Allahu Akbar” to celebrate his victory in Leeds, England

In the United Kingdom, Green Party candidate Modin Ali, elected to Leeds City Council on May 4, 2024, celebrates his victory by proclaiming “Allahu Akbar” surrounded by Palestinian flags.

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After his election to Leeds City Council in England, Green Party candidate Mothin Ali exclaimed: Allah is Akbar », reports the British newspaper telegram. In his speech, as his supporters waved Palestinian flags behind him, he chanted: ” We will not allow ourselves to be silenced. Let's make Gaza's voice ring out. Let's make Palestine's voice heard. Allahu Akbar! »

Modin Ali won the Kipton and Harehills constituency by securing 3,070 votes. telegram After a campaign focused on the conflict in Gaza, he recalled that he was one of a number of candidates across the country who won against Labor opponents.

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A victory for the people of Gaza »

While happy, some were dissatisfied with the situation, but Mothin Ali persevered: ” It's for Gaza, it's for Palestine “,” You proved to the Labor Party that your vote should not be taken for granted “.

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telegram An analysis of polling results across the country shows that support for the Labor Party has fallen in areas with large Muslim populations. In areas around Bradford and Manchester, the party lost an average of twenty-five points.

A spokesperson for the Labor Muslim Network agreed “ The concerns and anger of the Muslim communities were converted into concrete votes ”, and adds: “ We have learned from our mistakes and are committed to rebuilding trust. »

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