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Artagon Pantin : nouvel espace pour nouveaux talents

A new space for new talents

Artagon Pantin has opened its doors to welcome nearly fifty artists and cultural professionals to the Paris region. Since its creation in 2014, the association has sought to accompany and support creators at all levels: visual arts, photography, video, music, cinema, etc.

Spread over 5,000 square meters of a former college in the Quatre-Chemins district of Pantin, Artagon offers workshops and common spaces for production, experimentation, training, meeting and programming for all artists in residence for eighteen months. Throughout the year, they will present various events and workshops to present their creations, but also to dialogue with the audience. Driven by a desire to highlight the richness and liberating power of art, the association aims to create links on a local scale.

After Artagon Marseille and Maison Artagon in Loiret, Artagon Pantin became the third center dedicated to emerging creativity, led by the association. This space will welcome young talents such as artist Jimmy Boxen, videographer Louise Forox, sculptor Agata Ingarden or artist Regina Demina..

Pantene ertagon
46, Church Place – 93500 Pantene

A view in the studio, courtesy of Artagon

A view in the studio, courtesy of Artagon

Interior view of Artagon Banten, Courtesy of Artagon

A view in the studio, courtesy of Artagon

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