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How to reduce noise at home with decoration

How to reduce noise at home with decoration

With the noise of the world outside, finding peace and quiet at home feels like a luxury. forged ! The challenge is not at all unattainable, you can adapt your interior design to meet your quest for tranquility. But how can you reduce unwanted noise and create a quieter cocoon without having to do a lot of work?

more than stylestyleIt's about luxury! Because noise in the house can be really annoying, especially when the goal when you close the doors behind you is… quiet.

House sounds

Before camouflaging them, it is necessary to clearly identify them! A crowded street, a noisy refrigerator, a washing machine running at full speed, creaking floorboards, or a poorly insulated children's room – noise invades everyday life. They are so present that they become almost inaudible. When decoration intervenes and helps to soften Sound pollutionSound pollutionOh, happiness!

Noise pollution: what does the law say?

Five decorating tips to reduce everyday noise

1. Insulate the front door

Stop the landing noise! You can install cork boards on your door. this materialmaterial It is known to be an excellent sound insulator.

2. Wall insulation

Felt, fabric or wool acoustic panels now offer beautiful designs, ready to be installed in your bedroom, living room or on the common wall that separates you from your noisy neighbors! It is ideal for absorbing ambient noise.

3. Install a sound-absorbing mat

Feel free to place several if necessary. This type of carpet is thicker than traditional models, and the goal is to reduce reverberation time.

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4. Choose several plants

Yes, green plants naturally dampen sounds. You can even install a green wall to save and reduce space Sound wavesSound waves From room to room.

5. Replace the curtains

Just like acoustic carpets, sound curtains can be installed to improve the sound insulation of your home and for decoration of course!

But also…

Listen to your mouthpieces on your canopy, and some earbuds that cover bruits on the ground or acoustic peints and papiers that will protect you from your heart rate… all at once the bruits Daily !