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Vote now for the following LEGO Ideas space sets

Vote now for the following LEGO Ideas space sets

It's time to vote for the next LEGO Ideas space, as there's a week to decide which two projects you'd like to become a LEGO Insider Bonus.

The LEGO Ideas Universe Challenge is drawing to a close as it moves into the fan voting phase, with the announcement of the 24 projects that now have a chance to be future-defining LEGO Ideas.

As previously confirmed, fan voting will only determine which projects in the vehicle and base classes will become rewarded LEGO Insiders in the future. There will be one vote per category and there will also be one vote per user and per category.

You have until March 8 to vote but there is a technical issue as I write these lines in LEGO Ideas that is preventing the 24 selected entries from being displayed on Challenge page, instead of displaying all 624 entries in the challenge. We've selected the finalists and you can click the link in the caption of each photo to vote until the website is fixed. Instead, the Lego Ideas article He has a complete list.

Puzzle Games

The basics

For the basics, many designs represent compact space stations, but some have opted for innovative folding or modular features. There's also a LEGO Classic Space Monorail model to vote on. However, you can only choose one.


Vehicles are definitely becoming more diverse, and it's surprising that there are no more classic starships. Instead, there's a transforming drone and all sorts of nifty flying and swimming vehicles, all of which include at least one minifigure.


The winners of this challenge, of which there will be one in each category, will be given the opportunity to convert their participation into a future LEGO Insiders reward.

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They will also win 10 copies of their final set and five space-themed LEGO sets (10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, 21340 Tales from the Space Age, 31152 Astronaut, 42158 NASA Mars Rover Perseverance and 42180 Rover Explore of the Mars Crew). Four finalists will win 42,180 Mars Crew Exploration Rover and 21,340 Space Age Tales.

The winners are currently scheduled to be announced on March 13, however condition He warns that this may be delayed by a few days.

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