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CAQ draws criticism for its response to Labeaume

CAQ draws criticism for its response to Labeaume

The one who ruled for 14 years in Quebec sharply criticized the tunnel between the capital and Levis, asserting, supporting studies, that it is too expensive, and useless, and that its merits hold more opinion than science.

At the opening of the CAQ’s annual conference on Saturday, several ministers, including the prime minister, summed up the 14-page letter to bitter The mayor, who saw his runner-up bite the dust in a ruthless manner, during the November 7 ballot.

The new mayor, Bruno Marchand, who met Regis Labium for more than an hour on Thursday, was unaware that his predecessor was preparing for such a trip.

He is a citizen and has the right to take a pen and write. We are turning a new page with the government, a chapter of cooperationMayor Marchand said, a few minutes before the official swearing-in.

The new opposition leader, Claude Villeneuve, elected under the banner of Marie-José Savard’s team, shares many of the concerns raised by former mayor Labium.

The Quebec government project must take into account the criteria established by science. At the moment, that is not yet clear.

Quote from:Claude Villeneuve, opposition leader at the Hôtel de Ville Quebec

In his letter of more than 4,000 words, Regis Labomme also denounced the Caquist government’s interference in the development of the tram. According to him, the adjustment of the route, imposed by Quebec at a very advanced stage of the project, caused significant delays and increased costs.

Mr. Villeneuve believes that this will certainly lead to a delay. I don’t take all of Mr. Labium’s analyzes on my own, but […] Where the project is located, some decisions made by the Quebec government have had an impact.

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Jackie Smith, Quebec’s transition chief, was happy to see the former mayor of Labium support the views championed by his party during the election campaign.

I don’t comment on him because he’s no longer mayor, summed up the new Chef for Quebec 21, Eric Ralph Mercier.

On social networks, members of the opposition criticized the government’s position on the concerns raised by Régis Labom.

In short, the outgoing mayor publishes a letter presenting the required arguments, statistics, specific questions, alternatives … and the response of the CAQ ministers, that is, is he bitter? We’ll see everything, confirms on Twitter liberal Andrei Fortin, a critic of the official opposition on the topic of transfer.

The leader of the official opposition in the Town Hall, Claude Villeneuve, regretted the government’s response to the questions posed by the former mayor.

The tone was very realistic, even friendly: it was not aggressive speech. I don’t see bitterness, I see facts that the mayor remembers, says Marie-José Savard’s successor. The government could have chosen to respond by invoking facts that support its position.

MPs defend Labeaume

In a tweet, Parti Québécois’ spokesperson for transportation affairs, Joel Arsino, confirmed that Mayor Labeaume’s arguments against Link Three hit the spot where it hurts. About View unnecessary project, support demographic and statistical data. Much less expensive solutions exist. Shooting the messenger won’t change anything, he adds.

Tashiro Solidarity member Catherine Dorion welcomed the former mayor’s exit Friday, by providing com lines From CAQ:

Letter from Régis to the Prime Minister about the insolence of the third link and tram delays due to CAQ: Thank you Régis for that, and sorry in advance for the empty sentences and com pockets that will come back to you in response to part of the PM.

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