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CERN, “one of the pillars of international Geneva”

CERN, “one of the pillars of international Geneva”

Introducing the general public to the challenges of nuclear research

The Swiss Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Jörg Lauber, comments enthusiastically: “CERN is one of the pillars of international Geneva, an international organization even larger than the United Nations in Geneva in terms of the number of people working there. It represents well the human spirit, this constant striving.” For discovery, he practices a science whose purpose is neither commercial nor military, and in this he embodies the humanitarian tendency of Geneva Internationalism and the spirit of Geneva.

In the face of the fierce competition that occurs in the scientific field between the great powers, Jörg Lauber points to another fundamental asset: “The European Organization for Nuclear Research, which we have the honor of hosting, as a host country, like France, is a sophisticated institution that allows Europeans to host science to maintain its leadership. This is why The reason why Switzerland supports the future ring collider project, in accordance with the foreign policy strategy set by the Federal Council for the period 2024-2027.

An example of its interaction with other actors in international Geneva, since the beginning of March, CERN has hosted the just-created Open Institute for Quantum Technology (OQI) with Gesda (the Foundation for Anticipating Science and Technology). The goal is to anticipate and oversee the emergence of a technology that could actually become well established in the next 10 years: the quantum computer. But the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) refuses to be an institution dedicated to scientists only. By opening its science portal in the fall of 2023, it intends to engage the general public and introduce them to the main challenges of nuclear research.

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