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Ivan Demidov will not undergo surgery

Ivan Demidov will not undergo surgery

As is the case every year, the NHL Amateur Draft causes a lot of talk, especially when the Montreal Canadiens draft is in the top five, as has been the case the past two years.

Before the famous lottery, CH was in fifth place, but we will find out who will finish in fifth place next Tuesday, May 7th.

We know the Habs have a pressing need offensively and players like Kayden Lindstrom, Teague Iginla and Ivan Demidov could interest the club.

McLean Celebrini He goes It should come out in the first place, but after that, nothing is certain.

Demidov has the best chance of coming out of the bottom two, but the knee injury he suffered last April may scare off some scouts.

Now we've learned, according to Anthony Martino of TVA Sports, that Demidov will not have to undergo surgery for this injury and should be back healthy before the draft.

Rapid rehabilitation of his injury will likely allow him to return to skating before the draft and that is only good for the young Russian forward.

As Martino points out in his book tweetHe will not have any restrictions during his summer training, which will help him a lot in his development.

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As we learned recently and as we mentioned In this article written by Arpon BasuDemidov refused an extension in Russia, and therefore his contract will expire at the end of the 2024-25 season.

Unfortunately, we can expect that his club, SKA St-Petersburg, will not give him much playing time next year, knowing that he wants to move to North America.

Still according to this article by Basuit is reported that CH would be very interested in the Russian's services, but unless he moves up the rankings, either via lottery or via transaction, there is little chance of seeing him demoted to CH.

If CH stays with the 5th overall pick, would you make a trade that included the 5th pick and a young defenseman (and possibly a draft pick) for the 2nd overall pick?

Or should CH choose the best player available given this selection?

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