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Women’s World Cup, Australia and New Zealand, Schedule and Results |  Women’s Euro

Women’s World Cup, Australia and New Zealand, Schedule and Results | Women’s Euro

12 nations will represent Europe at the 2023 finals in Australia and New Zealand, the first Women’s World Cup to feature 32 teams.

Full draw

Group A : New Zealand (Host), Norwayphilippines, Swiss

Group B : Australia (hosts), Republic of IrelandNigeria, Canada

Group C : SpainCosta Rica, Zambia, Japan

Group D : EnglandHaiti, DenmarkChina PR

Group E : United States (Holding), Vietnam, NetherlandsPortugal.

Group F : FranceJamaica, Brazil, Panama

Group G : SwedenSouth Africa, ItalyArgentina

Group H : GermanyMorocco, Colombia, South Korea

UEFA selections in bold

France will notably face Brazil, who were eliminated in extra time before losing to the USA in the 2019 round of 16.

The group stage ends on August 3 and the top two from each group advance to the round of 16, which begins two days later. The final will be played on August 20 at the Sydney Stadium in Australia.

French calendar (Paris time)

Sunday 23rd July
Group F: France v Jamaica (Sydney, Football Stadium, 12:00)
Saturday 29 July
Group F: France v Brazil (Brisbane, 12:00)
Wednesday, August 2
Panama-France (Sydney, Football Stadium, 12pm)

Calendar (Brussels, Geneva, Paris time)

Thursday 20th July
Group A: New Zealand 1-0 Norway (Auckland)
Group B: Australia 1-0 Republic of Ireland (Sydney, Stadium Australia)

Friday 21st July
Group B: Nigeria v Canada (Melbourne, 4.30am)
Group A: Philippines v Switzerland (Dunedin, 7am)
Group C: Spain v Costa Rica (Wellington, 9.30am)

Saturday 22nd July
Group E: USA – Vietnam (Auckland, 3 hours)
Group C: Zambia v Japan (Hamilton, 9am)
Group D: England v Haiti (Brisbane, 11.30am)
Group D: Denmark vs China PR (Perth, 2:00pm)

Sunday 23rd July
Group G: Sweden v South Africa (Wellington, 7am)
Group E: Netherlands v Portugal (Dunedin, 9.30am)
Group F: France v Jamaica (Sydney, Football Stadium, 12:00)

Monday 24th July
Group G: Italy v Argentina (Auckland, 8 hours)
Group H: Germany v Morocco (Melbourne, 10.30am)
Group F: Brazil v Panama (Adelaide, 1pm)

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Tuesday 25th July
Group H: Colombia v South Korea (Sydney, Football Stadium, 4 hours)
Group A: New Zealand v Philippines (Wellington, 7:30 am)
Group A: Switzerland v Norway (Hamilton, 10am)

Wednesday 26th July
Group C: Japan v Costa Rica (Dunedin, 7am)
Group C: Spain v Zambia (Wellington, 9.30am)
Group B: Canada v Republic of Ireland (Perth, 2:00pm)

Thursday 27th July
Group E: USA v Netherlands (Wellington, 3 hours)
Group E: Portugal v Vietnam (Hamilton, 9.30am)
Group B: Australia v Nigeria (Brisbane, 12:00)

Friday 28th July
Group G: Argentina v South Africa (02:00, Dunedin)
Group D: England v Denmark (Sydney, Football Stadium, 10.30am)
Group D: China PR v Haiti (Adelaide, 1pm)

Saturday 29 July
Group G: Sweden v Italy (Wellington, 9.30am)
Group F: France v Brazil (Brisbane, 12:00)
Group F: Panama v Jamaica (Perth, 2.30pm)

Sunday 30th July
Group H: South Korea v Morocco (Adelaide, 6.30am)
Group A: Switzerland v New Zealand (Dunedin, 9am)
Group A: Norway v Philippines (Auckland, 9am)
Group H: Germany v Colombia (Sydney, Football Stadium, 11.30am)

Monday 31st July
Group C: Japan v Spain (Wellington, 9am)
Group C: Costa Rica vs Zambia (Hamilton, 9am)
Group B: Canada v Australia (Melbourne, 12:00)
Group B: Republic of Ireland v Nigeria (Brisbane, 12:00)

Tuesday 1R August
Group E: Portugal vs USA (Auckland, 9am)
Group E: Vietnam v Netherlands (Dunedin, 9am)
Group D: China PR v England (Adelaide, 1pm)
Group D: Haiti v Denmark (Perth, 1pm)

Wednesday, August 2
Group G: Argentina v Sweden (Hamilton, 9am)
Group G: South Africa v Italy (Wellington, 9am)
Group F: Panama v France (Sydney, Football Stadium, 12:00)
Group F: Jamaica v Brazil (Melbourne, 12:00)

Thursday, August 3
Group H: South Korea v Germany (Brisbane, 12:00)
Group H: Morocco v Colombia (Perth, 12:00)

Knockout stage

Round 16

Saturday 5 August
49: Group A winner – Group C runner-up (Auckland, 7am)
50: Group C winner – second in Group A (Wellington, 10am)

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Sunday, August 6
51: Group E winner – Group G runner-up (Sydney, Football Stadium, 4 hours)
52: Winner of Group G – second in Group E (Melbourne, 11am)

Monday, August 7
54: Group D winner – second in Group B (Brisbane, 9.30am)
53: Group B winner – Group D runner-up (Sydney, Stadium Australia, 12:30 pm)

Tuesday, August 8
56: Group H winner – second in Group F (Melbourne, 10am)
55: Group F winner – second in Division H (Adelaide, 1pm)

quarter final

Friday August 11
57: Winner 49 – Winner 51 (Wellington, 3 hrs)
58: Winner 50 – Winner 52 (Auckland, 9:30 am)

Saturday 12 August
59: Winner 53 – Winner 55 (Brisbane, 11am)
60: Winner 54 – Winner 56 (Sydney, Stadium Australia, 12:30pm)


Tuesday 15th August
61: Winner 57 – Winner 58 (Auckland, 10am)

Wednesday, August 16
62: Winner 59 – Winner 60 (Sydney, Stadium Australia, 12pm)

Match for third place

Saturday 19 August

Loser 61 v Loser 62 (Brisbane, 10am)


Sunday 20th August

Winner 61 – Winner 62 (Sydney, Stadium Australia, 12pm)



Adelaide (Hindmarsh Stadium)
Brisbane (Brisbane Stadium)
Melbourne (Melbourne Rectangle)
Perth (Perth Rectangular Arena)
Sydney (Sydney Football Stadium/Stadium Australia)

New Zealand

Auckland (Eden Park)
Dunedin (Dunedin Stadium)
Hamilton (Waikato Stadium)
Wellington (Wellington Regional Stadium)

European qualifications


The final was played : 4
Excellent result : Quarter Finals (1991, 1995)
High scorer
: Signed on Brune 13
Euro 2022 : groups


Final position(s) played : 4
Excellent result : Third Place (2015)
High scorer: Beth Mead 13
Euro 2022 : Success


Final position(s) played : 4
Excellent result : Fourth Place (2011)
High scorer
: Marie Antoinette Gatto 10
Euro 2022 : semi-final


Final position(s) played : 8 (Maximum)
Best result: Victory (2003, 2007)
High scorer
: Lee Schuller 15
Euro 2022 : final

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Final position(s) played : 3
Excellent result : Quarter Finals (1991, 2009)
High scorer: Christiana Grelli 8
Euro 2022 : groups


Final position(s) played : 2
Excellent result : Final (2019)
High scorer
: Vivian Miedema 8
Euro 2022 : semi-final


Final position(s) played : 8
Excellent result : Victory (1995)
High scorer
: Lisa-Marie Woodland 6
Euro 2022 : groups

Republic of Ireland

Start at this level
High scorer
: Katie McCabe 7
Euro 2022
: Not eligible


Final position(s) played : 2
Excellent result : Eighth (2019)
High scorer
: Aamiyur Sariki 11
Euro 2022 : quarter end


Final position(s) played : 8
Excellent result : Final (2003)
High scorers: Lina Hurdik, Fridolina Rolpo 5
Euro 2022 : semi-final


The final was played : 1
Excellent result : Bands (2015)
High scorers: Anna-Maria Crnogorcevic, Coomba Chow 8
Euro 2022
: groups


Pre-final stages : nothing
High scorers
: Carol Costa, Diana Silva 5
Euro 2022
: groups

World Cup Finals (European teams in bold)

    2019: USA 2-0 Netherlands ; Lyon, France
    2015: USA 5-2 Japan; Vancouver, Canada
    2011: Japan 2-2 USA (at, 3-1 Pens); Frankfurt, Germany
    2007: Germany 2-0 Brazil; Shanghai, China
    2003: Germany 1-0 Sweden (AP, Golden Cole); Carson, USA
    1999: United States 0-0 China (AP, 5-4 Pens); Pasadena, USA
    1995: Norway 2-0 Germany ; Stockholm, Sweden
    1991: USA 2-1 Norway ; Guangzhou, China

    Olympic medals (Europeans in bold)
    2021: Canada (Gold), Sweden (Silver), USA (Bronze); Yokohama, Japan 2016: Germany (gold), Sweden (Silver), Canada (Bronze); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    2012: USA (Gold), Japan (Silver), Canada (Bronze); London, UK
    2008: USA (Gold), Brazil (Silver), Germany (Bronze); Beijing, China
    2004: USA (Gold), Brazil (Silver), Germany (Bronze); Athens Greece
    2000: Norway (Gold), USA (Silver), Germany (Bronze); Sydney, Australia
    1996: USA (Gold), China (Silver), Norway (Bronze); Atlanta, USA