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U.S.  CyberDoc DarkSite Servers Removed |  Techno |  Business |  The Voice of the East

U.S. CyberDoc DarkSite Servers Removed | Techno | Business | The Voice of the East

S.According to the company, the hacker, who demanded a refund from the colonial pipeline, admitted that the group had lost access to several servers used to host or monetize his blog.

Accessed via the TOR browser on the dark web, the underground version of the Internet, the DarkSite site was inaccessible Friday morning.

“A few hours ago, we lost access to the public part of our infrastructure, namely our blog, our paid server and our DoS servers,” wrote a hacker using the nickname DarkSup, quoted by Future in an article.

Denial of service (DoS) attacks are aimed at closing a website with a heavy load of traffic.

DarkSup also pointed out that the cryptocurrency funds used to pay the ransom demanded by the hacker group had been withdrawn.

However, a registered future analyst believes Dorskite’s confession could be a ploy to allow the group to shut down its infrastructure to avoid paying its allies.

According to information from Bloomberg, Which would have paid US $ 5 million to colonial pipeline hackers, is contradictory Washington Post, Who say the company did not pay any money.

A spokesman for the Colonial Pipeline did not respond to requests for comment from the AFP, indicating that an ongoing investigation was ongoing.

Biden management declined to comment when insisting that companies strengthen their IT security.

The attack on the computer systems of the Colonial Pipeline, which carries nearly half of the United States’ petroleum products from the Gulf of Mexico to the east coast of the United States, forced the operator to suspend all its operations.

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This caused panic among many motorists, who rushed to gas stations for fear of petrol shortages.

However, the colonial pipeline said on Thursday evening that it would restart its entire system and resume fuel distribution.