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Big changes to the menu at Fromagerie des Basques

Big changes to the menu at Fromagerie des Basques

La Fromagerie des Basques de Trois-Pistoles, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has no intention of resting on its laurels in 2024. Expansion projects are already underway, with planned improvements to the existing infrastructure and the growth of the company's automation. The icing on the cake is the return of poutine and soft service.

To celebrate this occasion, two seasonal stalls will be set up in the courtyard of Resto des Basques. At the first window, area residents and passing travelers will be able to enjoy their favorite summer dish topped with the famous Kwik Kwik grain. In the second phase, soft cream cones and other frozen desserts will be served. A terrace will be created so customers can enjoy these hot or cold dishes on site, with a view of the river.

As for Resto de Basques, the cheese factory management announces its permanent closure. The restaurant building, built in 2016, won't stay vacant for long, because starting next year, a fresh produce store will cross the intersection and land there. The freed up space will allow the company to increase its production.

“The goal is to double cheese production within 10 to 15 years,” says Annie Levesque, general manager of Fromagerie des Basques. “With the infrastructure we have, we can no longer increase [la production]. “We are already at our maximum capacity.”

During the summer season, the latter had to reluctantly turn away customers and restaurant owners. “We have a request, but we are not able to respect everything […] “We no longer want to reject them,” Ms. Levesque adds.

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Note that the Fromagerie des Basques building, since its beginnings, has had to undergo extension works on several occasions. “There are many departments [dont certains qui se partagent le même espace]. There is a bakery and a pastry shop [ainsi que le comptoir de sandwicheries et de mets préparés]», says the General Manager.

Next summer, all these departments will be moved to the other side, inside the building that houses the restaurant and dairy bar. “It's new. It's made in an 'L'. It's wide. It's wonderful,” says Annie Levesque.

Therefore, customer activities will now be concentrated on the northern side. The factory will remain in the same location and will be expanded internally.

These changes will significantly reduce pedestrian traffic at this intersection. According to the Fromagerie des Basques administration, traffic lights will nevertheless continue to secure this busy section of the road, where several thousand cars pass daily in the summer season.

Recall that Resto des Basques suspended its activities for an indefinite period on October 17.