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Two men have been charged with cutting down England's iconic tree

Two men have been charged with cutting down England's iconic tree

They have been charged with criminal damage for felling England's most famous tree, Sycamore Cape, at its base, causing considerable national outrage.

Seven months after one of Britain's most famous trees, the Sycamore Cape, was felled at the base, causing considerable national outrage, two men were charged on Tuesday. Daniel Graham, 38, and Adam Carruthers, 31, charged with criminal damage, will appear before a magistrate on May 15, the Crown Prosecution Service (CSP) said.

A two-century-old sycamore maple stood next to Hadrian's Wall, isolated between two hills in a spectacular landscape in Northumberland National Park in northern England. It was cut with a chainsaw, and on September 28 sawed off the bottom of the trunk “Deliberate act of vandalism” According to the police.

The tree is one of the most photographed in the country, often associated with family memories, and its disappearance has caused great sadness in the United Kingdom. In 2016, he was elected “Tree of the Year”And appeared in cinema “Robin Hood” Kevin Costner in 1991 contributed to his fame. In September, Northumbria Police, responsible for the investigation, said they had been determined “Those responsible must be found and brought to justice”.

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