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TikTok becomes the number one source of information for British youth

TikTok becomes the number one source of information for British youth

After Instagram last year, 12- to 15-year-olds now get the most information on TikTok in the United Kingdom.

TikTok has become the favorite information destination of British youth. According to statistics from the UK’s Communications Observatory (Ofcom), 28% of 12-15 year olds use a Chinese app as a source of information. Guardian. It is followed by two other platforms: YouTube and Instagram (both used by a quarter of the country’s children).

The first classic medium comes only in fourth place. These are BBC One and BBC Two television channels, a 12- to 15-year-old crowd uses it for news.

However, the survey shows that the BBC remains the most popular medium among young Britons. But for this, all the services of the group should be integrated together. That means its mobile app iPlayer, its radio stations, its TV channels and its website.

More adults on TikTok

The 2022 edition of the survey held the same top three spots, showing a real interest among young people in the sites. Instagram is number one, ahead of TikTok and YouTube.

For 16-year-olds and over, Ofcom reveals a completely different classification. Facebook is the third most used social networking site for information. It is used by 30% of people over 16 years of age. Facebook comes in behind the BBC One television channel, which is used by almost one in two Britons (49%), as well as the country’s leading private television group, ITV.

However, it should be noted that TikTok also appeals to adults. A Chinese app has become a source of information for one in ten Britons, the survey showed. It is ahead of BBC Radio 1 or Channel 5 for the first time.

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