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The right to abortion in the United States is at stake

The right to abortion in the United States is at stake

The presence of a majority of Conservative judges raises the worst fears about abortion rights in the United States.

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“We have the opposite weight in favor of the Conservatives in the Supreme Court. 6 out of 9,” Luc Laliberté said in the LCN Sunday column.

The imbalance is due to the fact that former US President Donald Trump has been nominated three times in four years.

Yet in 1973, in the judgment of Rowe Wade, the right to abortion was affirmed.

“Abortion in a few states in the last few weeks has not changed the innocence. We have been performing abortions since 1973, and what we are trying to do among those who oppose the right to abortion is to restrict access, ”the expert explains.

Some states have not changed to add more difficult conditions for patients and very high requirements in some medical clinics.

“The new thing is that this time we’re open to the judiciary to reconsider abortion (…) I’m been covering up American politics for years, and this is the first time we’re approaching to overturn that ruling,” Mr. Lollipop explained.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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