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Record usage of streaming in June in the US

Record usage of streaming in June in the US

By Carlos PIRES, The

As of June 2023 report The Cage of NielsenStreaming consumption accounted for 37.7% of total US TV consumption, a record for this digital format.

In comparison, viewing cable content accounted for 30.6% of TV usage, while viewing broadcast content accounted for 20.8%.

In June, overall TV viewing saw its first monthly increase since January (+2.2% compared to May), mainly due to higher young viewers. More specifically, TV usage among the 2-11 and 12-17 age groups increased by 16.3% and 24.1% respectively from May, while non-traditional TV options (ie streaming and video games) increased by 90% for both groups.

Among streaming services reported independently by The Cage, Paramount+ 1.0% of total TV viewers this month. The original series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Aired on Paramount+, generating nearly 1 billion minutes of viewing.

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