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Explore space with stickers!

Explore space with stickers!

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This is great news for young space enthusiasts! Paninipedia: space, The most complete and updated space reference poster album will be marketed in France from 1 May 2024. Created by Panini in collaboration with the European Space Agency, Paninipedia: Space It takes readers on a journey of discovery across our solar system and beyond.

ESA provided stunning images of the sticker space, as well as videos of the space that can be accessed by scanning specific stickers using the Panini Collectors app.

Paninipedia: Space Filled with realistic space photos, fun astronomy quizzes, and cool facts about planets, spacecraft, astronauts, galaxies, and more! Kids will have hours of fun learning all about space as they search for stickers that complement the scenes. Special posters serve as links to digital extras, such as cool satellite videos.

There's also a starry sky sticker that can be detached and completed with glow-in-the-dark stickers and an iron-on Space Explorer mission patch to give the costume an astronaut look.

Show your passion for space by correcting a mission like that of astronauts! There are three different iron-on patches you can collect!

Since space is not taught as a subject in itself in schools, information books e.g Paninipedia: Space Help fuel the curiosity of budding space enthusiasts. As space plays an increasingly important role in the lives of young people, knowledge of space prepares them for the future.

Parents will be reassured that their children are learning from a trusted source thanks to the involvement of real space experts from ESA.

Panini is happy with this close cooperation. Sarah Mattioli, Collections Editor at Panini, said: “ESA was the perfect partner for the sticker album. Paninipedia: Space. Their focus on content, attention to detail, and stunning images of the space launched this project. »

ESA x Panini Sticker Album: MyPanini App

ESA is always looking for ways to inspire young people about space, and was excited to play a key role in it Paninipedia: Space.

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Emmett Fletcher, Head of ESA's Trademarks and Partnerships Office, said: “The sticker book Paninipedia: Space It's a really fun way to get young people interested in space. We hope it will inspire future space explorers, scientists and entrepreneurs. »

New album Paninipedia: Space Available online and in select stores. More information on the official website Panini.