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Very heavy burden on CH

Very heavy burden on CH

Fortunately, the 2023-2024 season for the Montreal Canadiens is quickly approaching.

There will also be a hockey game this month now that it’s September!

Even if the majority of Habs fans are mentally prepared to see CH once again have a somewhat difficult season and miss the playoffs, there is excitement surrounding the return of hockey.


Because everyone is keen to see the different players in the organization develop and progress.

In fact, the performance of all the players in the squad will be very interesting to watch for the future of the team.

The rebuilding process is complete, so we want to see the young players in the team develop and show what they can do.

Almost every player on the roster will be exciting to follow and watch in action.

The only small problem is that CH is unlikely to have any new players in its squad to start the season.

The internal competition is very strong, and this risks pushing the most hockey-ready youngsters to limit themselves to the American League for the time being.

It’s a shame, because it would be really interesting to see Emil Heineman, Joshua Roy, Sean Farrell, and/or Logan Maillox in the NHL.

There is a lot of competition, and unfortunately some of this competition only exists as a financial burden.

Obviously I’m talking about Joel Jeremiah here.

The 30-year-old Finn has been quite the enigma since arriving in Montreal.

It is by no means fixed.

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He can be invisible for 20 games and then have a game that deserves better.

The talent is there, but not the work ethic.

This makes Armia a real liability currently in the lineup, given his contract for two more seasons at an annual value of $3.4 million.

He earned this contract after having a good series in 2020-2021.

On the other hand, since signing this contract, Jeremiah’s performance has been really mediocre.

That means 28 points in 103 games.

The Finn is therefore not replaceable, and his contract somehow obligates CH to keep him in Montreal.

A contract buyout may be a possibility (next summer) if Armia performs poorly this season.

brief, Armia is the ball almost everyone wants to see, including Tony Marinaro.

He brings nothing to the club when he is not playing to the best of his abilities, which is the case in 3/4 of the matches.

The 20 games a year that Jeremiah decides to play at the peak of his talent is not worth $3.4 million, and certainly not worth a spot in the lineup that precludes the possibility of seeing a young player in Montreal.

Currently, everything indicates that CH will start the season with 14 strikers at the top, unless CH keeps three goalkeepers in its squad.

Unless he miraculously gets traded, Jeremiah will likely (and unfortunately) be one of those forwards.

But this does not mean that he will wear a military uniform.

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If Armia has a normal camp (which is likely to happen) and the other forwards show more, there’s nothing stopping Martin St. Louis from leaving Armia aside to start the season.

With Christian Dvorak likely to miss the start of the season, the door is open for the youngster.

Armia will remain an additional striker, and CH will keep a young player in Emil Heinemann up front to fill Dvorak’s absence.

CH would be better off inserting a young player in Dvorak’s place instead of Armia.

Thus, if this scenario were to occur, and the young man in question took his or her test, it could result in increased stress and tension for Jeremiah.

Management will be more tempted to fire him and get rid of him.

In short, this is a situation that should be monitored closely at the start of the season.

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