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Jack Schlossberg, Kennedy's only grandson, took to Instagram to mock his cousin

Jack Schlossberg, Kennedy's only grandson, took to Instagram to mock his cousin

He is far from the most famous Kennedy, but Jack Schlossberg is the only grandson of the assassinated president. The sad-looking young man in his thirties stays away from the hustle and bustle of political life, preferring to post a series of humorous videos on social media, even if that means attacking his family.

In 2022, he met Prince William and his wife Kate in Boston. A graduate of Yale and Harvard, a young man with an attractive physique had everything to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious grandfather, John F. Kennedy. The press of the time, including Paris Match, saw him finding his place in the American political world. Will he also become an early candidate for the Senate, and will he achieve his dream of the presidency? Jack Schlossberg seems to have decided so.

Son of Caroline Kennedy real name John Bouvier Kennedy SchlossbergI decided to exchange speeches in the stands with online videos. The 31-year-old, who publicly supported Joe Biden in the recent presidential election, recently made headlines after he mocked his cousin on Instagram. Not any cousin since he attacked Robert Kennedy Jr., the upcoming presidential candidate and nephew of JFK. He is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, and he hopes to play a spoiling role in the battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The rest will follow after this announcement

But Jack Schlossberg seems to have a strong opinion on the matter. In a short clip, he takes on the features of a character named Jimmy, who explains: “Many people talk about Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and I am a fan of his father and uncle, may God have mercy on them. I remember when he was killed the whole world cried, it was a tragic day. But listen to me, this guy, the new guy, is an idiot. He's a fucking idiot, he's lying to you… He's got Trump donors, he's got Trump advisors. Don't let this fool you. Don't waste your vote. Vote for Biden! You will do good. It will be fun.” In another video, this time playing a Russian character, he accuses his cousin of siding with Putin and of being a “testosterone booster.” In 2023, he had already publicly criticized her, calling her a disgrace.

Many videos in just a few days

This taste in acting seems recent, at least on social networks, because until last January, although he often shared humorous photos, he had not yet filmed himself. But Jack Schlossberg clearly found his audience quickly. On X (formerly Twitter) his videos are now being shared in large numbers. “Jack Schlossberg is as hot as his Uncle John”, “I can't stop watching Jack Schlossberg videos”, “Going between trying to open a coconut with his hands and calling his cousin an idiot…”, “Honestly, I don't know how he got into law school And the business, or the fact that he passed the bar exam when he was and still is basically Ken, and spends 90% of his time on the Hudson River, in Cape Town, or somewhere in Hawaii, “If I were the Kennedy heir, I would do this Kind of nonsense too, instead of doing it in losing campaigns like RFR jr or Joe Kennedy,” we can read in particular .

Jack Schlossberg is therefore the only grandson of John Kennedy but he also has two sisters, Rose and Tatiana. All three grew up Far away, protected from the media fire by their parents. We know relatively little about their father, Edwin Schlossberg, 77, of Russian descent, presented as a designer, writer or artist, who has been in a relationship with Caroline since 1981. “He acts the same way JFK did and I'm sure he would do the same if he were alive today,” says one user. But it is clear that the young man has not only fans. Naturally, his cousin's supporters are not kind to him, any more than the supporters of Donald Trump, who described his recent election campaign as a “vanity project.”

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