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Sweih is satisfied with his players

Sweih is satisfied with his players

Sweih is satisfied with his players

The Djurdjura Islands ended the first week of the armistice on Saturday with two friendlies which were played against JS Tizi Ouzou and US Beni Douala in 1.He isNovember 1955 They won consecutively 2-0 and 5-0. Coach Ammar Soueih asked to play two preparatory matches to discover his players and get an idea of ​​the level of each of them. Ayan played for two different teams in these two matches, and the first coach of JS Kabylie in yellow and green was satisfied with the performance of his players in both matches. After three straight draws at the start of the tournament, Sawaya and his co-workers want to start the machine next Friday on the occasion of the RCA reception as well as preparing for the Eswatini trip on the 25th of this month.

spoiled for choice

This season, JS Kabylie includes more than 37 players in its squad, after the recruitment by the old and new administration, which appointed 7 new players. For the fans, having such a rich workforce from two teams is a fortune for the club, but the technicians don’t see things the same way. Ten days ago, new coach Ammar Sowayh arrived, really embarrassed about choosing to release his tire. Having outlined the two friendlies to get a clear idea of ​​their respective qualities, the coach was satisfied with the performance of most of the players and still had to delay making a decision in certain locations, especially in the midfield where the competition is intense. harsh.

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“The two games allowed me to get to know the players better”

In statements he made to reporters at the end of two friendly matches against SC Tizi Ouzou and the United States of Beni Douala, coach Ammar Souaih said that the two meetings allowed him to get to know his team better. “Two good mare drills for us. You know, we have a workforce that plays CAF and another that is mixed between players who play CAF and the Championship only, and the two games have allowed me to better understand the individual and collective level of my team. It is true that these are only friendlies, but they give me An idea about my players and in particular their situation on the field.”

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