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Auston Matthews returned to practice this morning

Auston Matthews returned to practice this morning

This morning, the Maple Leafs and Bruins are holding a morning session in preparation for Game 7 of their series, which takes place this evening in Boston.

Remember, the Bruins led the series 3-1, but the Leafs held them back in the seventh game.

But from Toronto's side, we were particularly monitoring the status of Auston Matthews, who has been absent since the third period of Game 4.

He did not play Games No. 5 and No. 6.

And now this morning, we saw Matthews jumping on the ice for… Leafs. His presence this evening hasn't been confirmed (yet?), but it's already a good sign.

And since good news doesn't come alone, another player skated on the sidelines in Toronto with the group this morning: Bobby McMahon.

Remember, he's been injured since the beginning of the series, but he's clearly improving…except he won't be in uniform this evening.

After practice, Sheldon Keefe spoke with the media, and would not confirm whether or not Matthews would play tonight.

Therefore it leaves room for doubt.

On the other hand, in response to another question, Keefe suggested that Leafs They are preparing as they did in the last matches.

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Is this a sign that Matthews should sit out…or just a smokescreen?

So, we will be watching the file closely in the coming hours to see if Matthews returns to the game, but it is clear that he would be a big addition to a Toronto team that is blowing the wind at the moment.

Sheldon Keefe wanted to be cautious and save the surprise for tonight, but at least just seeing Matthews on the ice this morning is a good sign.


Note that Matthews, who has been rumored to have a possible knee injury, looked very smooth on the ice this morning.

He may be injured regardless, but he looks like a guy who should be able to play tonight.

However, the Maple Leafs were keen to maintain the mystery: the session lasted only 15 minutes, and whether in terms of jersey colors or stripes, it is impossible to know who will be in the lineup tonight.

So this will continue.