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“People weren’t sad about Alex Newhook’s departure to Colorado. »

“People weren’t sad about Alex Newhook’s departure to Colorado. »

With NHL training camps approaching, many fans can’t wait to see some new players in their new uniforms.

On the Montreal Canadiens side, there are several prospects that fans can no longer wait to see in rookie camp.

Names like Joshua Roy, Owen Beck, Logan Maylox and Emile Heineman are generating a lot of interest.

However, there were a lot of changes during the off-season at CH.

Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton have been very active since the 2023 draft.

The club sought the services of Gustav Lindstrom, Casey DeSmith and Alex Newhook, among others.

The latter was acquired from Colorado in exchange for a first-round pick belonging to the Florida Panthers, as well as a second-round pick.

several, Me includedare eager to see the young Newhook in action, as he is still being drafted right after Cole Caufield in 2019.

The potential is there, and it remains to be seen if he can seize his chance in the top six in Canada.

David Ettedgui, a player agent and associate at BPM Sports, does not have high expectations from the 22-year-old midfielder.

In fact, Ettedgui really wants to temper expectations for Newhook, who would have had plenty of opportunities with the Avalanche.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people about the Avalanche. They all say the same thing. We gave this guy every chance. We gave him chances and put him on the second line. He just failed.” – David Etedegui

He also explained that no one mourned Newhook’s departure to Colorado.

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He clearly doesn’t see much potential in Newhook.

However, what he wanted to mention was that a similar situation had already happened, with a young man who was slow to settle in fundamentally with the Avalanche club.

This is Tyson Jost, who is now with the Buffalo Sabres.

Perhaps the Avalanche GM wanted to prevent a similar scenario from occurring and by trading Newhook while he had some value.

Personally, I think he should have a better chance of asserting himself in the top six in the CH Championship.

Indeed, he will have more opportunities to play with good players on the first two lines, but also, he will have more opportunities to show what he can do on the power play.

In Colorado, the big offense was well equipped and a presence in New Hook was rare.

On average over the past two seasons, Newhook has played just over a minute and 20 seconds per game on the man advantage, according to the site. RotoWire.

That’s not a lot for someone as talented as him. His speed and vision can certainly bring something interesting.

By comparison, Ivan Rodriguez, who scored 39 points in 69 games last year, played nearly two minutes per game in this position last season.

Artturi Lehkonen spent 3 minutes and 32 seconds, while star Nathan MacKinnon averaged more than 4 minutes per game on the power play.

I’m more or less of the same opinion as my colleague Marc-Olivier Cook, who believes the Newhook should start the season from the top line, along with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield.

Obviously we’ll have a better idea of ​​defensive threes and pairs when training camp and the preseason are over.

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There are several options available to manage the CH, and we can expect there to be movement in the CH between now and the start of the 2023-2024 season. Vanilla is still $4.7 million above payroll.

a lot of

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-For those who wake up on Sunday morning, at 9:00 AM, there will be a FIBA ​​match between Canada and Spain. It will be quite a duel.