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Very impressive in the eyes of two NHL scouts

Very impressive in the eyes of two NHL scouts

It hasn't necessarily been easy for David Reinbacher since arriving in the Rocket lineup.

The defense player plays well on the ice…

But what's even more impressive is that he's playing really well despite the large number of games he's played in the last two weeks. The Rocket will finish six games in just nine days, and the defenseman seems to get better every time he steps on the ice.

It's encouraging for the fans and the organization because expectations were still high. It's natural, after all, to think Reinbacher is the fifth overall pick.

But even some NHL pro scouts have praised the young man's work in the past week and a half.

Arpon Basu (The Athletic) spoke about this Recent article :

Two of the professional NHL scouts we consulted about Reinbacher's game were very impressed with his ability to move the puck and make quick decisions. – Arpon Basu

When you see Reinbacher on the ice, there's something special that catches your eye.

It's about his composure with and without the puck.

The Austrian takes his time before making a decision and does not rush things. He plays simple hockey, which limits his mistakes… and the results are coming, too, as the defender has one goal and two assists (six games) so far in MLS.

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The sample is small, but producing one point in two games for a 19-year-old is very respectable. Especially from the point of view that we are talking about a defender!

Anthony Marcotte said before playing his first game on the airwaves of BPM Sports He wants to see Reinbacher have a direct influence in Jean-François Holly's coaching and that is exactly what is happening at the moment.

The Rocket won four of the six games Reinbacher played in and The timing is perfect Because the club is in the middle of the playoff race right now.

There are only six games left in the Rocket's season, and the team will need Reinbacher to get to the dance.

Yes, we have already been there.

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– There were many smiles this morning for the team photo.

– The three stars of the week in the NHL:

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