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unplug |  Hebdo 39 – All news and information from Jura

unplug | Hebdo 39 – All news and information from Jura

With the holidays approaching, in our obsessed world of nomophobia and illectronism where do you fall?
Here, look at this table in the restaurant. This elegant pair. Face to face, but somewhere else. Each one a blur in their own digital bubble, each ignoring the other, too busy fiddling with their smartphone. Pictures, words, and reality are diluted in parts of the digital world where dialogue itself has become virtual. They are neurophobia. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association, a phobia is the panicked fear of not having your smartphone with you, sleeping with it, or staying on it permanently. How to find out? Just try to do without it for a day …

Do you know Badoi Pantene? It’s a small community of about 26,000 fairly quiet people who live on the island of Java, and (ironically) have been making a stir ever since the Jakarta Post revealed they wanted the internet to let them go for a bit!
In fact, like players who have been banned from casinos, Baduys has asked the authorities to cut off the internet to reduce the negative impact of smartphones and the virtual world on the younger generation. In order to keep their ancestors’ lifestyle from modernizing.

In the US, in Brooklyn, a club for teens, the Luddites, is returning to turning over the phones to disconnect themselves from screens and “rediscover real life.” Their name refers to Ned Load, the textile worker who led a revolt in 18th century England against the first industrial weaving machines.
“The day I got my flip phone, everything changed.” explains Nancy. “I sorted out the people with whom I want to be friends. Now they are no longer virtual, but real. 3% of the population still resist cell phones and do not feel the need. Reference for penitents. They have realized their addiction to screens. They want to take back control of the hyper-connectivity that enslaved them and ultimately found it stupid to flaunt their privacy on Facebook. They can no longer tolerate messages that are suddenly interrupted by someone calling or answering their cell phone in defiance of others.

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Taken earlier this month, according to a Harris poll with Fast Company, as ChatGPT and other AI tools herald a new revolution, 67% of Americans surveyed would like to go back to a time without the Internet or smartphones, compared with 33 % of those who could not. do without. More than half said it was difficult to keep up with new technologies and 57% thought they were more inclined to divide people than to unite them. we are here… !
In a beautiful postmodern society, we can have all the culture and information available on the planet in just a few clicks, for free and without a filter. But by making interlocutors useless, this omnipotence reinforces our isolation by exempting us from going to others.
So is there something behind the screens? Yes ! Some say so. They claim that all you have to do is sign out and search. Then the world appears (re).
Of course, you have to dare…

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