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Fado dinner party, Bergheim dinner show

Fado dinner party, Bergheim dinner show

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The “O Fado” music space regularly presents Fado Evening Dinners on Friday, September 8th – 7:30pm.

Located in Bergheim in Alsace, “O Fado” is a warm and intimate music venue. Candlelight, guitars and vocals express a ‘Saudization’ that goes straight to the heart and soul. Evenings at Espace Musique O Fado are a true excursion into the heart of old Lisbon.

And to make the Fado evenings even more magical, traditional Portuguese gastronomy is also present. You will taste cod and prawn dumplings and many other specialities.
The dinner-concert format is offered for 48 euros (appetizer, main course, dessert).

Book and pay online at our “Weezevent” ticket office.
You will receive your printable ticket via email with all necessary information.

You can also make a reservation by sending us a check containing your details (surname, first name, email and mobile phone number) at the following address: Espace O Fado 14 rue du Muehlbach 68750 Bergheim. Please contact us in advance to check availability on the date of your choice. Phone or SMS at 24 42 71 06 78

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