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Transgender woman files police complaint against JK Rowling

Transgender woman files police complaint against JK Rowling

A British transgender journalist has filed a police complaint against writer JK Rowling, who she accuses of deliberately misrepresenting her in comments on social media.

Within a series of messages on social media.

In the past few days, JK Rowling has denounced various messages from India Willoughby on her X account, accusing her of displaying homophobia, racism and a lack of humanity, with supporting screenshots.

India Willoughby responded by claiming that she had filed a complaint with the police, who considered the fact that she had been subjected to sexual discrimination on social networks, which, in her opinion, was consistent with the Equality Act and the Gender Recognition Act in the UK.

“JK Rowling has definitely committed a crime. I am legally a woman. She knows I am a woman and calls me a man,” Ms. Willoughby denounced in an interview with Byline TV.

The outing did not impress JK Rowling, who responded that “India's obsession with targeting me in recent years could reach the legal threshold of harassment.”

This is not the first time that the positions of the famous international writer have put her in an embarrassing position, and her views on gender issues have earned her a lot of criticism in recent years.

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Police have not announced any arrests at this time.