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Tourists risk taking selfies with dingoes

Tourists risk taking selfies with dingoes

Queensland authorities, il AustraliaMany people are cautious after their very risky behavior Tourists Regarding the Dingoes of Fraser Island (or K’gari). According to a CNN report this FridayMany young women have taken it this way Selfies or accompanying videos animals Barbarians, in the wake of several attacks in recent months.

Two of them were fined $1,500 after their photos were posted on social media. One posed like this, lying down among the sleeping baby dingoes. “She was lucky the puppies’ mother wasn’t around,” said Mike Devery, a member of the Ministry of Health.environment and Queensland Science.

A euthanized dingo

A second pinned tourist shared a video in which he can be seen having fun with a dingo’s attitude. the beach. However, it shows fangs and challenges a 25-year-old young woman. “Warrigals (the native name of the animal) are wild animals and should be treated as such. “This woman is lucky the situation didn’t get worse,” says Mike Devery.

The dingo in question, moreover, Euthanasia Because he was responsible for the attack on a jogger on the beach last Monday. A 23-year-old woman was admitted to hospital with severe bites on her arms and legs. Authorities say the animal was also involved in an attack on a 6-year-old girl in recent weeks.

The behavior of the tourists indicated

Incidents involving warrigles, a race Dogs Proliferated in the wild, Queensland. A bathing man and woman were recently rescued by rangers and tourists respectively. Riley Guardian.

For Fraser Island ranger manager Daniel Mansfield, dingoes are getting closer to people because they are no longer afraid and used to being fed. However, this practice is strictly prohibited. Forest officials tried to prevent tourists from approaching the warriors. However, it is a question of conservation, but the conservation of species. Because aggressive dingoes should be euthanized.

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Queensland’s Environment Minister Leanne Lynard visited the island on Wednesday to remind people of the rules surrounding wild dogs. “There’s a misconception that because they look so skinny, they’re starving,” he said. This is a normal body mass for them, they are lighter and they are not starving. »