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Stansted Border Crossing: Less traffic to the US

Stansted Border Crossing: Less traffic to the US

Last year on the same date, the Stansted border crossing to the US was packed, but this year only a handful of vehicles are using it.

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An employee said that since it was Monday, there would be heavy traffic on the lanes.

Vacationers prefer to leave later, and for less time. What explains this trend: Bad weather and the rising cost of living.

As far as tourism in the region is concerned, it is doing better than ever. In 2023, the occupancy rate of tourist accommodation in winter and spring has broken the record of the last five years.

Hotels, lodges and bed and breakfasts are all the rage.

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“We have not yet collected our summer data, we are waiting until the construction holidays are over to count everything. We suspect that these will be good figures,” explained Lysandre Michaud-Verrault, Director of Representation and Communication for Tourism Cantons-de-l’Est.

Companies are aware of the interest of tourists to the region. Location Tourisme offers 84 cottages for rent in Estrie, Magog and Orford, and the company has been full for months.

“We are overwhelmed in the best sense of the word! This is a change from the pandemic, where people are booking almost six to 12 months in advance, so this is very good news for us,” said Benoît Montbleu, president of Location Tourism Estrie.

Construction holidays are decisive for the level of tourism in the Estrie. All rely on the presence of Quebec tourists, and even Americans, to visit the region and promote local tourism.

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