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Timothée Chalamet really has everything for Bob Dylan

Timothée Chalamet really has everything for Bob Dylan

Between his casual attitude and his pair of Wayfarers on the nose, Timothée Chalamet already sounds like Bob Dylan. On Friday, April 12, the French-American actor was once again spotted on the set of the biopic “A Complete Unknown” in New York. Title refers to the 82-year-old American's hit song “Like A Rolling Stone” (1965). Three days ago, the young man was photographed with Elle Fanning, who plays Sylvie Russo, inspired by Suze Rotolo, Bob Dylan's companion in the 1960s.

In this feature film, James Mangold chose to tell the story of Bob Dylan's journey from Minnesota to New York, up to his unforgettable appearance at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. On stage, in front of hundreds of fans of the genre, he picked up an electric guitar. Which angered his former fans. Edward Norton, who was seen on set a few weeks ago, plays the co-founder of this festival, Pete Seeger.

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Bob Dylan, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, was able to express his opinion on the scenario. It is an implication that the director justified by the fact that “it's not really a biographical film.” “The reason Bob was so supportive of us is because, as with all things, I think the best movies about real life are never from cradle to grave, but about a very specific moment,” said the director, who had previously Indeed, he depicts the life of Johnny Cash in the movie “Walk the Line” with Joaquin Phoenix (2005). A release date for “A Complete Unknown” has not yet been announced.

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